The Ultimate Fighter Episode No. 3 Recap

Gary WhittakerCorrespondent IApril 16, 2008

We start our weekly review of The Ultimate Fighter with episode No. 3.

The first two episodes were action packed as Dana White decided to switch things up a bit and have 32, not 16, contestants show up, with two fighters pairing up to fight their way into the house.

Episode three began with Quinton Jackson and Forrest Griffin getting to choose between the winners.  Rampage decided to pick the first fighter, giving Forrest the right to pick the first match-up.

CB Callaway became the first fighter picked, so you have to consider him the No. 1 contender to win early on.

Jackson's team was wearing blue and Griffin's team was in brown.

Controversy started right away when one of Quinton's fighters, Paul Bradley, had a breakout of herpes on his neck. None of the other contestants were willing to roll with him, so he had to train pretty much on his own.

It didn't take long for Dana White to come in and send Paul home.  Ultimately, it was the best thing to do for the health of all the other fighters. 

Patrick Schultz came in to replace Bradley.  Immediately, the fighters, and even White questioned the pick; but I do remember Patrick having a solid striking game.

In the first fight, Griffin picked Jesse Taylor to take on Mike Dolce from Team Rampage.  Taylor thought his strengths were wrestling, while Griffin compared him to Matt Hamill. Dolce is at a height disadvantage but he does train with Team Quest. 


Recap of Round 1

Mike goes for the left hook, and Taylor shoots in. The match goes to the ground, and Taylor quickly gets Dolce in a position for a rear naked choke. Taylor tried unsuccessfully for a minute, before Dolce was able to turn around into Taylor's guard.

Taylor looks so strong, and is simply out wrestling Dolce, but unable to finish his second attempt at the rear naked choke despite getting his legs hooks in. Taylor continues to pound away until the bell rings.

Score: 10-8 for Taylor.


Recap of Round 2

Taylor throws a kick, and then shoots in and gets the take-down. Taylor just sits in Dolce's guard and is able to pound away with hammer fists until Dolce has to turn around and give up his back.

Taylor is able to take mount, and Dolce just tries to cover up to stop the punches from landing. It was only a matter of time before Taylor's latest attempt at a rear naked choke worked.

Taylor moves on, but you have to think that a strong striker or a strong BJJ fighter would give him a lot of trouble.