Senators-Oilers: Is Edmonton Better Than Ottawa?

Jordan AndrewsCorrespondent IApril 16, 2008

There are a few things that are worse than not making the playoffs.  Such as not even being close to making the playoffs and having no players to have even a chance next year.  But Ottawa, having such an awesome start and then getting basically raped in the playoffs by the penguins. 

Ottawa's fate is something that i would wish upon no fan, having such a good team that every band wagoner latches on.  Then having to disappoint not just your loyal fans, but those band wagoners who will never return to you again.  Having made the playoffs barely after losing so many games in a row.  I mean edmonton's fans at least went out winning and gave there fans something to watch the hockey games for.  Ottawa pissed off everyone and is probably gonna have to make some changes, which they shouldn't have to.  They have such a deep team that they should have made it so much deeper into the playoffs. But they did have to face arguably the best team in the league i suppose.