Ranking the Coolest New NHL Uniforms for the 2013-14 Season

Steve Silverman@@profootballboyFeatured ColumnistOctober 15, 2013

Ranking the Coolest New NHL Uniforms for the 2013-14 Season

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    Personnel changes in the NHL are routine. 

    Teams acquire players and lose them on a regular basis during the regular season, and that rate often accelerates in the offseason. Fans and teammates accept new players as a fact of life in a very competitive business.

    However, uniform changes can be a much bigger deal, especially in the NHL where the color of the jersey and the boldness of the logo often resonates deep into the souls of those who care.

    In many ways, we root for the laundry.

    Long-time fans may forget who skated for their team last month, but they will never forget the uniform.

    Teams make minor alterations to their uniforms all the time.

    The Anaheim Ducks and Boston Bruins, for example, have added patches to commemorate their 20th and 90th anniversaries, respectively, in the NHL. 

    The Edmonton Oilers, Florida Panthers and Los Angeles Kings have dropped their alternate jerseys this year, while the Washington Capitals have changed their socks.

    Seven teams have made significant uniform changes this year.

    With the help of the NHL Uniform Database, we rank those changes.

7. Tampa Bay Lightning

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    Courtesy of Uniform Database
    Courtesy of Uniform Database

    The Lightning made a slight change to their shoulder logos on their third jerseys. 

    Prior to this year, the Lightning used an older logo on those jerseys, and that logo did not match the regular home and road jerseys.

    It's not a huge deal, but it gives the Lighting players a cleaner look.

6. Calgary Flames

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    Courtesy of Hockey Rumors & Trades Facebook page
    Courtesy of Hockey Rumors & Trades Facebook page

    The Calgary Flames have still not officially released their 2013-14 alternate jerseys, but Hockey Rumors and Trades tweeted that the image above may be the look.

    It comes from EA Sports' NHL 14, but the alternate jersey was locked until the code was cracked.

    If this depiction is accurate, give this jersey high marks for its bold look, but the flaming black "C" below the script Calgary and the logo below the neck line looks somewhat sloppy.

5. Buffalo Sabres

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    Courtesy of NHL Uniform Database.
    Courtesy of NHL Uniform Database.

    The Buffalo Sabres seem to go through more uniform changes than any other team.

    This time, their alternate jersey (middle in the image above) gets the makeover, and the Sabres were not timid.

    NHL Uniform Database labeled the change as the "wildest alternate jersey in the history of the NHL."

    We will admit that it took courage to produce the new alternates, but that look does not say "major league." The sharp logo makes it passable, but the color scheme makes you want to slap your head.

4. Minnesota Wild

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    Courtesy of NHL Uniform Database.
    Courtesy of NHL Uniform Database.

    The Minnesota Wild changed and upgraded their road uniforms (third example on image above) this season.

    The road uniform is much bolder and cleaner than it has been in the past, and the Wild deserves applause for this sharp change. 

    Icethetics.com offers its critiques on all NHL uniforms, logos and colors, and they were thrilled with the new Wild road uniforms, saying they "would not change a thing."

3. Carolina Hurricanes

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    Courtesy of NHL Uniform Database
    Courtesy of NHL Uniform Database

    The Carolina Hurricanes changed their home and road uniforms, but they left their alternate jerseys alone.

    According to NHL Uniform Database, the striping patterns have been changed on their two primary uniforms. 

    Icethetics panned the uniforms as looking "generic," but we believe the newer versions of the Hurricanes uniforms make the red color stand out in a much bolder fashion.

    The home uniform may be somewhat ordinary, but the new Hurricanes road uniform looks distinctive.

2. San Jose Sharks

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    Courtesy of NHL Uniform Database
    Courtesy of NHL Uniform Database

    The Sharks have gone with cleaner look on their home and road jerseys, taking away the thick stripes at waist level.

    The Sharks say there are fewer elements on the uniforms so that way players are wearing "lighter" jerseys which will improve their on-ice performance.

    That's a bit difficult to swallow, but Icethetics does say it makes the Sharks look like they lost weight.

1. Dallas Stars

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    Courtesy of NHL Uniform Database.
    Courtesy of NHL Uniform Database.

    The Dallas Stars made the most dramatic uniform change in the NHL this year, and it's a bold return to the franchise's roots as the Minnesota North Stars.

    The Stars have eschewed the dark predominant color they had for many years. Now, they are a bright green, which is quite unusual in all of professional sports. The shade the Stars are using is easy to see and distinctive.

    Icethetics called the Stars' new togs "stunning" and praised the team for bringing "more green to the NHL."

    Bright green is not an easy color to get used to, and you may think of the NFL's New York Jets or the NBA's Boston Celtics, but the Stars uniforms are quite distinctive.