Best Potential Future NBA Fits for Phenom Andrew Wiggins

Jonathan Wasserman@@NBADraftWassNBA Lead WriterOctober 16, 2013

Best Potential Future NBA Fits for Phenom Andrew Wiggins

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    Andrew Wiggins is a fit for all 30 NBA teams in the league. But not all 30 teams are a fit for him. 

    Based on roster situations, rebuilding plans and offensive systems, there are a few teams out there who give Wiggins a more promising platform to shine from. 

    We're only talking about teams here who have a good shot at landing in the lottery or earning a top-three pick in the draft. I've eliminated teams like the Washington Wizards and Cleveland Cavaliers, who should be graduating to playoff contenders by 2014. 

    If there's a mediocre team left out, it's because I didn't feel Wiggins could maximize his potential on that particular roster. 

Philadelphia 76ers

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    I bet the Sixers think it's a fit. 

    After trading its All-Star point guard Jrue Holiday, this team needs a new smile to splatter across its billboards and tickets. 

    Andrew Wiggins would represent the face of the franchise in Philadelphia—not a bad gig. It's a city that would give him a solid launching pad to build his own brand. 

    As for the roster situation, he'd become the immediate centerpiece. It's as if they've already started building around him by drafting two upside players in point guard Michael Carter-Williams and center Nerlens Noel. Wiggins would seem like an ideal fit between them at the wing, and with the New Orleans Pelicans' first-round pick in 2014, they'd be able to add another young promising piece before even dipping into free-agent spending cash. 

    And considering the Sixers hit the reset button and chose to start from scratch, there won't be as much pressure for Wiggins to start producing right away. 

Phoenix Suns

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    The Phoenix Suns finished top 10 in the NBA last season in pace. And after adding Eric Bledsoe, I'd imagine their tempo picks up even more. 

    The up-and-down style of play is perfect for Andrew Wiggins, who's electric in the open floor where he can get out and fly. Without many weapons in the lineup, particularly on the wing, Wiggins would get plenty of freedom to run and exploit his strengths as a lightning rod and high-flier.

    A Wiggins-Bledsoe combo would pack a serious punch of hops and athleticism, something that could help this team build some type of identity. 

    Wiggins in Phoenix (cue the Jay-Z-Kanye parody songs) would be a fun match to watch, given the youth and strengths of the roster along with the system its likely to run.

Boston Celtics

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    It's not often an elite prospect out of college has the chance to land the centerpiece gig on a team that's as historically significant as the Boston Celtics. 

    But after dealing away its core in the offseason, the Celtics seem destined for the 2014 lottery. 

    In Boston, Wiggins would benefit greatly from having a veteran point guard running the show both on and off the floor. Rajon Rondo is just the type of guard who could help maximize Wiggins' strengths by putting him in the best possible position to use them. 

    Wiggins and head coach Brad Stevens would also seem like a match, given they share humble approaches and similar pressure as bright young stars in the making. 

    The Celtics have a number of draft picks over the next few years, and appear to be in good position to rebuild and eventually support a player like Wiggins. If he's going to end up with a team in its first phase of reconstruction, the Celtics would be the ideal one. 

Charlotte Bobcats

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    The poor Charlotte Bobcats are still looking at Gerald Wallace as the franchise's all-time leader in points. That needs to change.

    Between the draft busts they've taken and the studs they've passed on, this team deserves a star out of pity.

    Andrew Wiggins would be a dream come true for Michael Jordan, who's been searching for a centerpiece ever since taking control of the Bobcats. Looking at the roster, there aren't too many weapons or young players with substantial offensive upside.  Michael Kidd-Gilchrist doesn't project as a big-time scorer, while Gerald Henderson appears to be approaching his peak. 

    Together, Wiggins and Kidd-Gilchrist could form one of the most athletic wing-duos in the league. Imagine these two pressuring full court or getting out in transition? 

    In Charlotte, Wiggins would have the chance to earn icon status if he were ever able to pull this team out from the mud it's been stuck in. We've seen elite prospects like LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose change the direction of the franchises they were drafted to. Wiggins would have a shot to do the same in Charlotte, and ultimately build up his image as a savior or leader. 

    He fits this roster based on his strengths, the team's strengths and its desperate need for a hero. 

Toronto Raptors

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    Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

    It must have been sweet music to Raptors' fans ears when Andrew Wiggins mentioned he'd like to play in Toronto. 

    Too bad he's not a free agent. 

    The Canadian-born Wiggins would obviously be the ideal target for the Raptors, given the relationship he'd form with the city and fans. 

    The Raptors also have some good-looking players on this roster, despite its lack of success over the past few years. Jonas Valanciunas appears to be developing into one of the better offensive centers in the league, while we know what Kyle Lowry can do when healthy. 

    The team would likely have to trade either DeMar DeRozan or Rudy Gay for this work, so the fit wouldn't be seamless. 

    But the Toronto-Wiggins match is just too good from a relationship and marketing perspective. I'd imagine the Raptors' management would jump through fire for a shot to land him.


Sacramento Kings

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    If the ping-pong balls were to cooperate, the Sacramento Kings could be one more disaster season away from building a truly competitive roster.

    With franchise cornerstones DeMarcus Cousins and Ben McLemore at the 2 and 5 positions, Andrew Wiggins would slide right into the 3-hole to help form one of the most promising young trios in the NBA. 

    The Kings have been in need of a No. 2 guy to pair alongside Cousins. Fast-forward a few years, and it could be Cousins who falls to No. 2 in the pecking order, given Wiggins' towering upside as a scorer on the wing. 

    The Kings also like to run (No. 7 in pace in 2012-13), which plays right into Wiggins' strengths as an open-floor weapon. 

    While McLemore looks primed for a terrific short and long-term career, I'm not sure he alone is a game-changer for the Kings. But Wiggins has the potential to be that spark.  

    And with some established talent around him, he wouldn't be left alone to lead the team as a rookie or sophomore. 

    Rarely does Sacramento seem like a good fit for a star talent out of college, but in this case, it makes sense for both parties.