Backstage Report on WWE's Disappointment in Fan Reaction to Brie Bella

Sharon GlencrossContributor IOctober 17, 2013

Brie Bella (from
Brie Bella (from

WWE Diva Brie Bella has been the recipient of a major push in recent months.

Along with her sister, Nikki, she has been the focal point of E! reality show Total Divas. She's the current top challenger to A.J. Lee's Divas Championship. She's even found herself mixing it up in the main event scene with her real-life boyfriend, Daniel Bryan. (In a bid to make things personal, Orton threatened Brie on Monday's Raw.)  

WWE would clearly like Brie to be a stara sort of modern-day Miss Elizabeth to Bryan's Randy Savage, perhaps. But it doesn't seem to be happening. 

Why isn't Brie over? (from
Why isn't Brie over? (from

She and her sister usually come out on Raw and SmackDown to complete silence. Evil heel A.J usually garners most of the cheers from fans.

Brie makes the effort, but her TV and pay-per-view matches aren't exactly setting the world on fire.  

Brie's involvement in the Orton-Bryan storyline hasn't helped that angle get over either. If anything, she's been a detriment. Partly thanks to this new soap-opera element, Orton vs. Bryan has lost a great deal of steam in recent weeks.

Interestingly, WWE has noticed this too, as Dave Meltzer mentions in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required): "The company is apparently disappointed and puzzled that Brie Bella isn’t more over as a face...They can’t understand why there wasn't more sympathy for her when Tamina Snuka was beating her up this week. "

So what's wrong with Brie?

Well, nothing really. She's not a terrible wrestler. She has a modicum of personality and charisma, and she's certainly very pretty.

The problem may be that she doesn't truly excel at anything. There's nothing she does that no one else can do better.

WWE fans may not have high standards for the Divas division, but they appear reluctant to get behind a girl who is, at best, a passable performer.