People Who Tailgate Way Too Hard

Jessica Marie@ItsMsJisnerCorrespondent IIOctober 22, 2013

People Who Tailgate Way Too Hard

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    At least half of the fun that comes with going to a live football game (or, in some cases, a baseball game/basketball game/hockey game) is the promise of tailgating.

    Tailgating is the way in which we lure our non-sports loving friends to sporting events. Who can turn down the promise of free food, ridiculous shenanigans of fellow fans and, of course, lots and lots of beer? The fall leaves, the smell of the grill, the antics of inebriated frat boys—it's the best thing about football season, by far.

    For those of us who enjoy games, tailgating makes the day even better; for those who don't, tailgating gives them a reason to actually attend.

    Of course, there are those fans who go a little bit overboard with their tailgating. If they want to invest that kind of time, energy and money into having the most epic spot, fine…but that doesn't mean you aren't going to get ridiculed.

Mitt Romney

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    Because he's Mitt Romney, any form of tailgating is tailgating too hard.

    The 2012 presidential candidate showed up at an Ole Miss tailgate a couple of weeks ago, accompanying his former personal aide, who is a 2009 graduate of the school.

    Romney looks just about as comfortable at the Grove as you'd expect him to look at the Grove.



Anyone Who Owns This Tent

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    Tailgating is, in some ways, a competition. No one wants to be the group with the lamest tailgate on the lot.

    But this tent/bomb shelter is a little bit overboard, no?

    Here, we have the Ironman Rooftop Tent, perfect for all of you in SEC country who are required to camp out overnight in order to secure a prime tailgating spot for the big game. No need for you to sleep outside when you have this thing; you can get a good night's sleep on top of your car and simply climb down when it's time to start the festivities.

    Not only does this cost $1,200, but it also requires you to double up on tailgating spots because it takes up more than one.


The Texans Fan Who Brought His Own Toilet

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    I get it. The worst thing about tailgates is the Porta Potty lines. The only thing worse than using a disgusting bathroom is waiting in line for an hour for the right to use a disgusting bathroom.

    So this dude got a jump on all of us. He brought his own Porta Potty to a Texans game. And not only did he bring one, but he brought a customized Texans Porta Potty, just so his allegiances were clear.

    It was kind of smart and all. But then you're that guy who brought a toilet to a tailgate. And that's kind of weird.


The Grandma Who Got in on the Beer Bong

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    My grandmother doesn't even know what a beer bong is. Also, she hasn't been to a tailgate since the '80s.

    Not only is this grandma a frequent tailgate presence, but she partakes in each and every tailgating activity. She is not the kind of grandma who puts out the cookies and makes sure everything stays neat and tidy while making sure you have enough napkins. She is the kind of grandma who will get in on the beer bong action with you—at least if it's 2006 and you're at a Utah tailgate before a BYU game.

    It's her tailgate and she'll get wasted if she wants to.


These Guys Who Brought a Hot Tub

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    Bringing a toilet to a tailgate is one thing. Bringing a hot tub to a tailgate is another thing entirely. But props to this guy for not only figuring out the logistics of bringing a hot tub to a tailgate (!!) but to actually executing it to perfection.

    I wonder which lucky lady ended up being the luckiest one of all at this tailgate.

These Alabama Fans and Their Tailgate Truck

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    Alabama fans can tailgate as hard as they want to. Look at their team. Their team is on its way to potentially winning its third consecutive national championship. Crimson Tide fans need to keep up with the actual players but constantly proving themselves to be champions in the art of tailgating, too.

    But how can they outdo this?

    This tailgating truck has everything: the Alabama elephant beating an LSU tiger, more elephants tearing apart an LSU tiger, another elephant strangling an LSU tiger…

    All you can do is sit back and stare. And not in a good way.

This Streaker

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    What happens when you tailgate so hard that you're compelled to streak across the field during a Browns preseason game?

    You're forced to clean up after everyone else who is tailgating too hard.

    You may remember Anthony Saveriano, who stripped down and ran across the field during an exhibition game last August. Hopefully it was worth it, because now, when the games actually count, Saveriano will spend 40 hours picking up trash at Browns' tailgates instead of watching.

    Nobody should ever tailgate that hard.

This Mayor

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    I may not know much about politics, but I do know that if you're in office/running for office, you probably don't want to be seen taking a Jell-O shot at a tailgate.

    But maybe I'm wrong.

    An intrepid Twitter user caught the Mayor of Toledo, Michael Bell, sampling the Jell-O shot offerings at a recent University of Toledo game in the pouring rain. Taking Jell-O shots in the rain. Now that's dedication to your constituents.


This Old Guy

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    Maybe this guy and the beer bong grandma should meet. I have no doubt that they would have an epic time together.

    Meet this ASU fan, better known as "Wasted Old Dude," who got so pumped up for a game a few years ago that he infiltrated a tailgate full of his younger fellow fans and proceeded to terrify them all with his archaic dance moves.

    At least he has moves.


NSFW: One Special Bills Fan

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    Apparently, there is one thing more grotesque than the Bills' record over the last nine years!

    So for that, we can only congratulate this superfan (click here for the semi-NSFW image), who found only one way to distract himself from the failures of EJ Manuel/Jeff Tuel/Thad Lewis. And that way looks just as unpleasant for those of us viewing it as it does for the unfortunate female in this photo.

    And that's really all I have to say about that. This guy should probably be banned from all tailgates forevermore.


This Kid

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    Admittedly, tailgates aren't that fun for the little ones.

    Mostly, they have to stand around and be bored while their parents/adult friends get wasted. Mostly, toddlers aren't that interested in the game at hand, anyway. Tailgating presents an afternoon of boredom.

    Perhaps that's why this kid's parents gave him a Bud Light. To make him less bored? Yeah. That must be it.