Metta World Peace Says Today's NBA Is Filled with 'Mister Softees'

Grant HughesNational NBA Featured ColumnistOctober 22, 2013

Metta World Peace is a big fan of ice cream—just not on the basketball court.

That sentence should serve as a reminder that MWP is a man with complicated tastes, and also that he's already approaching midseason form in his press conferences.

World Peace got the chance to explain his dessert preferences after his brief altercation with Tyler Hansbrough during the Toronto Raptors' 123-120 victory over the Knicks Oct. 21. Said tussle might not have ended quite so quickly if Hansbrough hadn't hilariously put down his dukes when he realized the man he was about to tangle with was the league's most intimidating player.

Say what you want about Psycho T, but he's no dummy. Discretion is the better part of valor, Tyler. Wise move.

World Peace lamented the lack of tough guys in today's NBA after the game but was quick to point out that he considered Hansbrough one of the few old-school holdovers.

According to Al Iannazzone of Newsday, MWP said:

I love guys like that. I need that physical action. The game has changed so much. Now we got all these Mr. Softees. You know Mr. Softee in New York? A lot of people are made from the ice cream cone. A lot of basketball players are made right from the Mr. Softee ice cream cone truck. I like Mr. Softee. I don’t like to play basketball with Mr. Softee. I just like Mr. Softee after a nice, hot summer day.

After the incident, the Vine of Hansbrough's reaction (and apparent apology) went viral. The Raptors forward caught some heat for acting tough until he ran into a real bully.

But World Peace was quick to defend his fellow loose cannon.

Enforcers have to stick together, apparently.

Hansbrough and World Peace will meet four times this year as Atlantic Division rivals, meaning we'll get plenty more chances for a throwdown—not to mention more potential insight into MWP's other confectionary tendencies.

Psycho T had better be careful, though. If World Peace ever really gets a hold of him, he might wind up being compared to pound cake.