MLB Fan Arrested for Threatening Mets Officials on Twitter

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 23, 2013

Photo Credit: Rob Polansky Twitter
Photo Credit: Rob Polansky Twitter

Aryn Leroux is a 42-year-old man who reportedly thought it was a good idea to use his time to threaten Mets officials. 

Yeah, he was arrested. 

UPDATE: Wednesday, October 23, 2013, by Gabe Zaldivar

The NY Post's Mike Puma has an update via his Twitter feed, giving us an idea of the threats we are talking about here. 

It seems one player had some thoughts on the matter. 

End of Update---

NBC Connecticut (h/t The Big Lead) reports the West Haven, Conn., man was caught harassing Mets officials. Allegedly, his threats were so egregious that they warranted police attention. (Other reports proclaim Leroux is 32.)

Police said the arrest warrant was issued after a joint investigation from the New York Police Departments 110th Precinct detective squad, the Queens District Attorney’s office and West Haven Detective Sean Faughnan.

Leroux was charged with threatening in the second degree and breach of peace.

He is being held on a $2,500 bond and will be arraigned at Milford Superior Court.

WFSB producer Rob Polansky helps us out with a photo of Leroux, giving us some insight as to what a Twitter troll looks like. 

Yup, that's about right. 

The report states the threats were not only directed at executives, but players and coaches as well. 

So far there isn't a great deal in the way of information. We couldn't find with certainty Leroux's Twitter feed—although it stands to reason it would have been deleted or suspended at this point. 

There is also no mention as to what the specific threats may have been. What is clear is police officials considered them serious enough to take action. 

Unfortunately, this is hardly an isolated incident regarding Twitter trolls and deplorable harassment in the sports world. 

As Yahoo! Sports' Eric Edholm recently reported, Giants running back Brandon Jacobs recently tweeted an image of a death threat sent to him and his family.  

Here is the image via Yahoo! Sports that blacked out the NSFW word. 

Imagine all the stress you have to deal with on a weekly basis. Now consider going through all that with the added weight of death threats from strangers and you might see how awful some athletes have it. 

They certainly live charmed lives with money, fame and the ability to play the sport they love. Still, there are obviously some very awful and unacceptable aspects of their professional lives. 

Where did all these crazy people pop up? Sadly, they have always been there, really giving gravity to the term fanatic. 

However, with the advent of Twitter, they now have a platform to make their own special brand of nuts public. 

There is absolutely no excuse to threaten or harass, especially for something so relatively trivial as sports. The sports world is supposed to give us all a respite from the doldrums and stress of reality. 

As we have seen from so many taking to Twitter to post nothing but negativity, some just can't handle the simple task of being decent to one another.  

Enjoying sports is really quite simple. You watch the games, enjoy the wins and deal with the losses, and you do it without threatening to cause harm to anyone. 

For some, that's not as easy as it sounds apparently.


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