Which Vancouver Canuck Will Lead the Team in Plus/Minus?

Riley Kufta@@RileyKuftaContributor IIIOctober 24, 2013

Which Vancouver Canuck Will Lead the Team in Plus/Minus?

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    When it comes to the Vancouver Canucks, in many areas there is no question who leads the team. Daniel and Henrik Sedin lead offensively, while Dan Hamhuis leads defensively, and many other stats can be narrowed down to a definite few. 

    But when it comes to plus-minus; arguably the most important and telling stat in hockey, predictable is the last thing that comes to mind. 

    Over the past seven seasons, the Canucks leader for plus/minus has been a different player, begging the question; who will lead this year? Will the trend continue of a different player leading the way, or will a familiar face change the ways?

    The following explores the three most likely candidates. 

3. Chris Tanev

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    Chris Tanev is a world-class player and among the most defensively sound defenders in the league (especially for a 23-year-old). 

    It is because of Tanev's poise and defensive abilities that he makes this list, but for him to lead the team would mean quite a disappointing season for the Canucks. 

    As a defensive player, Tanev is not heavily relied upon for offensive production, and he is unlikely to attain a high plus-minus. If he leads the team, that will likely mean the Canucks disappointed and the majority of the team is in the negative. 

2. Henrik Sedin

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    As one of the strongest teams, if not the strongest in the past five years, the Canucks have shown us that when the Sedins on their game, and the team is playing well behind them, the goal differential can be incredible. 

    So far this year, the Sedins have been strong but the goal differential is not there. If the team improves defensively, Henrik has a good chance to lead the way for the second consecutive season. 

1. Kevin Bieksa

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    Kevin Bieksa does it all. He hits, he shoots, he fights and he blocks shots. More importantly, he is an asset in all situations on the ice, whether on the PK, PP or even strength. Because of this, he will finish with a strong plus/minus. 

    It doesn't hurt that he already has a plus-10 rating, either. 

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