Nick Foles Turns into Pumpkin Early for Halloween

Vince QuinnCorrespondent IOctober 25, 2013


Cinderella was gruesomely murdered by the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

Nick Foles and Matt Barkley performed horribly for the Eagles in what was an abysmal 17-3 loss at home. While the reality check was hard to swallow, it's good to have stability back in Philadelphia.

Mike Vick is a better player than Foles right now. I'm not saying Foles doesn't have a future (which is the argument made by those who want him to play), but he is, in fact, worse than Vick and should not be the starter for the Eagles. As I said in my article last week, it would hurt Chip's credibility, and Sheil Kapadia of Eagles 24/7 seems to agree in his new Zone Read article:

If he’s healthy, Michael Vick starts Sunday vs. the Giants. The argument for Foles is that the Eagles should at least find out what they have. But Kelly (and most coaches) are not wired that way. They spend countless hours watching film, game-planning and practicing. Sundays are not meant for experimentation. By doing that, you risk frustrating the other players on the field, you send the wrong message, and you make it more difficult to get your system in place.


The Dallas game plan revealed issues with Foles that aren't likely going away. The Cowboys chose to play a press man-to-man coverage on Eagle receivers. This game plan created an unfortunate domino effect for Philadelphia.

First, the Cowboys had no respect for Foles' arm. With Foles not a threat to burn them deep, Dallas played generally tight to the line and constricted the field.

For example, Cowboys safety Barry Church was able to assist in the run game. According to ProFootballFocus, Church had five tackles in the game, all five were stops ("stops" being defined as a solo tackle that results in an offensive failure). The extra help, paired with superb defensive line play led by Jason Hatcher, led to LeSean McCoy's worst game of the season. He had 55 yards rushing on 18 carries and 26 receiving yards on six grabs.

So with the running game out of commission, Foles had to win the game through the air. However, Dallas' defense handled Kelly's combo-play offense effectively, which forced Philadelphia to run a more conventional offense. After a few drives in the first quarter, the Eagles almost entirely ran traditional passing plays. This meant Foles was no longer making quick decisions and had to complete throws further downfield. As a result, he ended the night 11-of-27 with only seven completions past the line of scrimmage. Ew.

For me, if Foles was going to take the job, this was his opportunity and he failed. Unlike last year when he had a team full of backups, Foles had a week and a full complement of starters to get ready for Dallas, and he failed miserably.

At this point, it's entirely possible that the Eagles add someone from the deep QB class projected for next year's draft to compete for the starting job next season. But it's far too early to get into that.

The other option would be to sign a free agent to compete. However, the free-agent class doesn't offer any talent. So, given that Chip obviously likes Vick more and he may be considered the best free agent QB available, it appears that Vick and Foles will battle each other for another year.

Try not to celebrate the idea too much.


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