The Funniest Mascot Moments in Sports

Kevin W. Ryan@@kevry88Contributor IIIOctober 29, 2013

The Funniest Mascot Moments in Sports

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    Mascots have been used in professional sports since the early 20th century, with one of the earliest documented mascots being the Chicago Cubs' "terrifying squirrelbeast."

    Now, almost each professional sports franchise has a mascot and uses them to incorporate energy to the crowd—no matter how ridiculous each mascot is. 

    Here are the funniest mascot moments in sports—enjoy. 

Brutus Gets Blasted

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    In Ohio State's most recent spring game, famed Buckeye mascot "Brutus" was allowed to play quarterback and run one play in the game—resulting in Brutus getting absolutely leveled by a Buckeye defender.  

    Brutus clearly spends too much time playing the NCAA video game and thought he was Heisman hopeful Braxton Miller. 

SJ Sharkie Left Hangin'

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    On March 12, 1999, San Jose Sharks mascot SJ Sharkie got stuck hanging from the rafters for over an hour. 

    Thankfully, Sharkie survived and was able to make an appearance on TV following the scary scene. Watch the story brilliantly retold by Jon Stewart and his investigative team.

    Long live SJ Sharkie. 

Raptors Mascot Double-Double

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    Here is a hilarious video clip of the inflatable Toronto Raptors mascot trying to roller-blade down the stairs during a break in a Raptor game. 

    Just seconds after getting up from the embarrassing tumble, the Raptor then tries to skate across the court and completely faceplants near the free-throw line. 

Big Game Brawl

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    The University of California at Berkeley and Stanford University share an intense 121-year rivalry—the ninth-longest in NCAA history. 

    During a basketball game between the two universities, the Cal Bear and Stanford Tree started a brawl on the court that ended up being recorded as a split-decision victory for the Tree. 

"Mascot Kills Self-Esteem"

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    During a minor league baseball game, this mascot tried to energize the crowd by flying around the baseball diamond on an ATV four-wheeler. 

    Instead of just cruising around, the blue bird lost control of the off-road vehicle and completely wiped out. 

Mr. Red Loses His Head

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    During a beautiful day game in Cincinnati, the Reds mascot was going for a ride around the diamond before falling off the vehicle and losing his head. 

    I'm sure the Reds organization had to apologize for any future nightmares the young Ohio fans may have had. 

Jazz Bear's Big Tumble

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    The NBA's Utah Jazz have one of the most active mascots in all of sports: "Jazz Bear."

    In the clip above, watch as the Bear tries to ride a surfboard down the lower level of the stadium and embarrassingly wipes out. 

    The Bear didn't stop there, though, and even went so far as to call a Cleveland Cavs fan a "loser" before a fight broke out

Bingo the Bee

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    New York Mets prospect Lucas Duda hit a towering grand slam during a 2009 minor league game.

    While the homer itself is pretty impressive, Bingo the Bee's epic fail that came after the home run was far more entertaining. 

Melanie Walker's Epic Win

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    Jamaican track star Melanie Walker tried to celebrate a win during an IAAF World Track & Field Championship meet by hopping on the mascot's back and proudly waving the Jamaican flag. 

    Instead, the mascot ended up running into a cart and knocked both of them over. 

Rice Owl Gets Ejected

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    Rice Owls Basketball: Where Amazing Happens. 

    This is a playful spin on the NBA's "Where Amazing Happens" campaign, but even more hilarious is why the Owl was ejected by the referee in the first place. Is that even legal?  

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

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    This famed banana mascot frequently taunts security guards during breaks in the action.

    In this special instance, the banana was forced to back off and submit to defeat as the security guard dominated the dance-off. 

Vicious Spike Sails High

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    Middle Tennessee State's mascot Lightning was just hanging out in the back of the Blue Raiders' women's volleyball matchup against Florida Atlantic. 

    After a vicious spike sails a bit too high, Lightning got a strike of his own in a region no man wants to feel pain. 

Big Ten Beatdown

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    Big Ten Conference football is no joke—these schools share a rivalry with seemingly every conference foe. 

    During this Michigan State-Wisconsin game, Michigan State's "Sparty" defended the honor of Michigan State football by absolutely destroying Wisconsin's "Bucky Badger" after the badger stole the Michigan State flag. 

    This is what college football is all about. 

Tough Day for Banjo

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    During the 2009 NBA All-Star break, team mascots from all over the league took part in a halftime show for the ages. 

    Brutus, from the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats, chucked a half-court shot over his head that Milwaukee Bucks mascot Bango inadvertently knocked in the basket.  

    After realizing what he just did, Banjo tried to slide through the hoop and land on the court—evidently shredding his ACL in the process. 

Mascot Fights Back

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    After Vanderbilt dropped a home game to SEC rival Tennessee, Vandy's mascot, "Mr. C," got into a riff with a student in the student section. 

    Mr. C actually fought back in his own student section and gave a Vanderbilt student a bloody nose after punching him in the face. IN THE FACEEEEEE

Nothing Worse Than Burnt Wings

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    Here is one of the most famous mascot fails of all time.

    The NHL's Anaheim Ducks mascot tried to jump over a bonfire on the ice and failed...miserably.

    At least he didn't fail like the Will Farrell in Old School. Go Cougars!

Triple-A for Effort

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    During a break in this minor league baseball game, two mascots danced on top of the dugout to entertain the crowd. 

    Just as the dance competition started to heat up, the moonwalking bear mascot epically failed and slipped off the top of the dugout onto the ground. 

Puddles Moves to 1-0

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    Why would anyone try to fight the world-famous Oregon Duck? Thanks to Oregon's incredible offensive attack, the duck does more pushups than any mascot in the league

    During a matchup between the Oregon Ducks and Houston Cougars, "Puddles" the duck went toe-to-toe with the cougar and unanimously moved his fighting career to 1-0. 

    Shoutout to Nike for making a duck the best-looking mascot in college sports

Birthday Bear

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    The Utah Jazz entertainment crew made a valiant effort to sing a special fan "happy birthday."

    While this was a very nice gesture, it's too bad "Jazz Bear" accidentally dropped the well-lit birthday cake onto fans in the lower level.