Dana White Claims He's Giving Uriah Hall a Bonus for Punching Mayhem Miller

Jordy McElroyCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2013

Dana White - Esther Lin/MMAFighting

Uriah Hall won’t be receiving any disciplinary action from the UFC for throwing a punch at Jason “Mayhem” Miller.

Quite the contrary, UFC President Dana White posted on Twitter (NSFW) that he plans on giving Hall a bonus for taking a swing at Mayhem during a nasty altercation that took place over the weekend. 


Controversy seems to follow Mayhem wherever he goes, and he was right on schedule during “BAMMA USA: Bad Beat 11,” a local event held in Commerce, California. According to a tweet from MMA reporter Erik Fontanez, Hall threw a punch after Mayhem used a racial slur.

After a brief scuffle, both men were quickly separated by security and escorted from the event.

It didn’t take long to confirm the story once the news went viral. Mayhem, who has shown no remorse for his behavior, immediately sent out a tweet after the incident using the same racial slur he was accused of using during the scuffle.

On Monday, MMAinterviews’ Spencer Lazara uploaded a video on YouTube of the actual altercation along with a backstory of how the entire situation unfolded:

The scene begins with Jason "Mayhem" Miller being aggressive to a woman who is apparently his ex girlfriend who he has allegedly assaulted in the recent past. She was visibly emotional and upset and he continued to yell at her. Uriah Hall poked his head in the situation and instantly Miller turned his aggression to him. He began with continuous rants of, "N**** please." Then the video starts and you see the rest.


It’s hard to believe that Mayhem was once considered one of MMA’s most beloved stars. His notoriety had climbed to new heights after being cast as the host of MTV’s hit reality series Bully Beatdown, which he balanced alongside his MMA career.  

After minor stints in Strikeforce and DREAM, Mayhem was finally offered his second shot in the UFC as a head coach on The Ultimate Fighter 14. His resurgence as a relevant MMA star was short-lived. After suffering back-to-back losses, he was released from the promotion in May 2012.

Mayhem has really lived up to his nickname in the past year. He has been arrested several times for alleged charges of nude vandalism and domestic abuse.

The downward spiral of Mayhem’s life and career has played out in front of fans like a perpetual soap opera with each controversial act more shocking than the next. During an interview with MMAFighting’s Ariel Helwani, White admitted that he has never been a fan of Mayhem:

I don't think you can compare him to any other fighter. He's always been…let's just say, not normal. …He's not a UFC fighter. This guy fought in the UFC three times and never won one fight. I wouldn't compare him to anybody else in the sport because I never met anyone like Mayhem Miller. I'm not a big fan, I never have been a fan, and I'm not going to be a fan anytime soon.

While a paycheck won’t cure the sting of Mayhem’s comments, White’s kind gesture can hopefully help Hall put the entire incident in the past and focus on getting his own career back on track.

Hall’s upcoming UFC 168 bout against Chris Leben could be his last chance to prove he deserves a spot on the UFC roster.