The Most Likely Candidates to Face Triple H at WrestleMania 30

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistNovember 2, 2013

The Most Likely Candidates to Face Triple H at WrestleMania 30

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    Triple H has intermingled with several members of the Raw roster in one form or another.  The WWE locker room itself has been enveloped in an authoritarian mean streak by The Authority stable, and a residual feud will almost certainly lead to a WrestleMania match.  

    The WWE's main storyline has potential to spawn multiple individual feuds between Triple H and a select few stars.  But only one of said stars will be worthy enough to face the Game in what would be a WrestleMania blockbuster. 

    Several notable WWE superstars have been brought up in the surging discussion of Triple H WrestleMania opponents.  And although many potential matches have box office appeal, one makes sense more than any other.   

    Ideal candidates to compete against Triple H at WrestleMania will either be established stars or, in Daniel Bryan's case, current top stars who would be solidified with a match against the current Vice President of Talent Relations.   

5. Stone Cold Steve Austin

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    The original reported storylines called for Triple H to turn heel while Vince McMahon eventually returned as a conquering hero. A major star would challenge Triple H to a match on Vince McMahon's behalf, leading to a blockbuster attraction that still stuck to the angle.

    To date, Triple H is heel and Vince McMahon is set to return soon. So far, so good.

    According to interviews given by Steve Austin himself, a return to WWE for one more match appears unlikely. But in the spirit of a milestone WrestleMania, Austin will be among many big-name stars of the past who WWE will target to work the once-in-a-lifetime pay-per-view.

    Triple H once said in a line-blurring promo he only laces up his boots for A+ players. The grades don't get any higher than that of Stone Cold Steve Austin's.

4. Vince McMahon

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    Vince McMahon may be better off without wrestling another match, but the squared-circle spotlight has proven to be detrimentally addictive.

    If Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels opt to remain retired, and Daniel Bryan somehow finds himself back in the WWE title picture, Vince will make the perfect opponent for Triple H.

    Few, if any, opponents would make more sense if ownership of the WWE is truly at stake.

    Vince McMahon has competed in four WrestleManias as a wrestler, losing all four. Despite his losing ways, the 68-year-old chairman has overachieved in three out of four of those encounters.

    A consummate ring general, Triple H would be able to lead McMahon to a safe, smart match.

3. Big Show

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    As Raw went off the air this past Monday, Big Show was either a WWE title contender or a future opponent of Triple H.  Given how the show ended in a Show-Triple H stare down, he may be the latter. 

    Big Show has threatened to sue the WWE and the McMahons for millions of dollars.  If this angle is stretched out, it could culminate in a match between Big Show and Triple H as a means to settle the lawsuit. 

    The problem is, what Big Show has in current momentum, he lacks in star power.  Big Show is not as likely of a candidate to face Triple H because, quite ironically, this match may be too big of a stage for him. 

    It's uncharacteristic for WWE to book Big Show in a match of this caliber this far out from WrestleMania season.  The promotion tends to procrastinate until WrestleMania draws near when it comes to booking Big Show. 

    Triple H may have (figurative) bigger fish to fry come April, but as of right now, no superstar is more likely to face Triple H in a match of any kind than the Big Show. 

2. Shawn Michaels

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    Shawn Michaels may have just turned heel, but he figures to be off television for the time being after being caught in a Yes Lock from Daniel Bryan. 

    Michaels made sure to reiterate that he and Triple H were best friends.  He insisted Triple H had always been there for him, and would always be there for him.  When Daniel Bryan slapped on the Yes Lock, however, Triple H was nowhere to be found. 

    This will give Michaels an out to return as a babyface who realizes the err of Triple H's selfish ways.  An HBK-Triple H match at WrestleMania would be nothing short of a blockbuster. 

    After enough time passes, fans will cheer for Shawn Michaels upon his return and forget his actions at Hell in a Cell given his legendary status. made sure to mention that caveat in Triple H's most recent interview with Michael Cole.  WWE is keeping this potential conflict between Michaels and Triple H in the mind of its viewers for a reason. 

    Shawn Michaels may never wrestle another match in the WWE.  He has remained safely retired since his last match against The Undertaker in 2010.  But if he does, it will almost certainly come at the behest of his real-life best friend.

1. Daniel Bryan

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    Daniel Bryan is the most likely candidate to have a match with Triple H at WrestleMania.

    Tension between Bryan and Triple H has been building nicely since SummerSlam.  If WWE is serious about making Bryan a star, he needs to go over Triple H.  Otherwise, the Game's stinging comments about Bryan being a B+ player who is unworthy of his time will ring true.

    A win over Triple H is the only scenario, outside of a WWE Championship win at WrestleMania, that will vault Bryan into the Cena-echelon of superstardom. 

    Triple H spent four WrestleManias putting over rising stars, and despite popular opinion, doing so for Daniel Bryan will be business as usual for Triple H.

    Daniel Bryan looks to be feuding with the Wyatts moving forward, which will keep him and Triple H apart for the time being.  But a moment as simple as Wyatt revealing Triple H to be the "devil" he was speaking on is all WWE needs to revisit this feud. 

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