Projecting Championship Chances of WWE Superstars Who Have Never Won Titles

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterOctober 31, 2013

Projecting Championship Chances of WWE Superstars Who Have Never Won Titles

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    Championship gold is the carrot hanging in front of WWE Superstars, the goal that some have little chance of grabbing.

    While John Cena continues to fatten his resume with title reigns, a host of other wrestlers have never been champion of any kind in WWE. Newcomers like Big E. Langston may soon leap from the list of the non-champions, while little-used Superstars like Alex Riley have a far less golden horizon.

    What kind of chance do these wrestlers have of winning the Intercontinental Championship, the tag team titles or the coveted belt that Randy Orton now holds?

    Based on their position with WWE, their talent level and projected career trajectory, here are the percentages for WWE's titleless Superstars ever holding a championship.

Big E. Langston

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    Chances of winning a title: 90 percent

    If Curtis Axel's hips hadn't blown out before Hell in a Cell, Big E. Langston would likely hold the Intercontinental Championship right now.

    The powerhouse is now vying for Dean Ambrose and his United States Championship. Even if he doesn't dethrone Ambrose, the fact that Langston has been put in his situation and has worked with names like CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio already point to WWE's confidence in him.

    At least a midcard championship is in his future.

    If before his first full year with the company he's getting opportunities at the U.S. title and only losing those bouts because of the champ weaseling his way out of the situation, Langston is bound to have a championship around his waist at some point soon.

Darren Young

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    Chances of winning a title: 25 percent

    The Prime Time Players' chances for a championship run may have already faded.

    Darren Young and Titus O'Neil seemed on the verge of capturing the tag titles when WWE released Abraham Washington and slowed their momentum. Team Hell No took away their No. 1 contenders' spot and kept the titles for several months. The team then appeared ready to claim gold once more when they earned a shot at The Shield at Night of Champions.

    Many felt that WWE would seek to capitalize on Young coming out, but The Prime Time Players' brief string of victories is now over.

    The emotional story surrounding Cody Rhodes and Goldust had those brothers leapfrog Young and O'Neil in the rankings, and with a recent victory over the current champs, it looks as The Real Americans have done the same thing.

    Should the tag division slow in the future, with big stories like the Rhodes brothers and Team Hell No out of the picture, The Prime Time Players could get a third push toward the title. 

Titus O'Neil

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    Chances of winning a title: 55 percent

    Titus O'Neil has more than double the chances of winning a title than his tag team partner because of his potential as a singles star.

    O'Neil is already 36, but his body hasn't been through as much as guys who have been wrestling since they were teenagers. He could potentially hang around into his mid-40s and earn a shot at a midcard title.

    Young is a fun competitor to watch, but O'Neil is a better mic worker and his size and power should earn him a few opportunities. 

Erick Rowan

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    Chances of winning a title: 30 percent 

    Even with as much of the spotlight as The Wyatt Family have earned already, Erick Rowan's championship-winning numbers are relatively low because of the nature of the Wyatts' gimmick.

    WWE could have he and Luke Harper seek out the tag team titles, but what would two backwoods brawlers want with titles? These two seem more interested in terrorizing the WWE roster than acquiring gold.

    Rowan also has less chance of success on his own compared to Harper and Bray Wyatt. Harper is a better in-ring performer who likely fares better as a singles competitor, and Wyatt is the clear winner in charisma and character.

    Should the family break up, Rowan likely follows in the path of other big bruisers like Mike Knox—titleless and unable to sustain a long career.

Luke Harper

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    Chances of winning a title: 40 percent 

    Like Erick Rowan, Luke Harper's number is hindered by his character possibly not even considering going after a championship.

    Still, the Wyatt Family's position has been favorable so far. They have been involved with Kane, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. That gives them more of a shot than a number of rarely seen Superstars.

    Harper's chances by his lonesome give him a better chance at a title than Rowan. His work in the indies shows off his ability to entertain an audience in longer matches. That could have him end up with the United States and Intercontinental Championship at some point in the future.

Bray Wyatt

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    Chances of winning a title: 65 percent

    While his followers are more dependent on the existence of The Wyatt Family, Bray Wyatt will still be a star on his own.

    Like with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, one has to wonder how much Wyatt cares about championships, but he earns a higher number than them because his top-level mic work and charisma will have him facing some of the company's top guys.

    At some point, he'll collide with a champion, and Sister Abigail's kiss may be how that bout ends.

    WWE has had monster heels win championships before such as Great Khali and Mark Henry, but Wyatt's character reminds many of Mick Foley as Mankind. The deranged, tortured version of that character didn't have nearly the same championship success as when Foley became more of a personable, goofball version of himself.

    It remains to be seen if Wyatt can alter his character in that way.


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    Chances of winning a title: 5 percent

    Camacho is on the WWE's equivalent of a practice squad.

    He works live events but rarely appears on TV. He's available for the company but is someone the crowd may not even remember works for the company.

    His best shot of winning a title is following a repackage a la Primo and Epico morphing into Los Matadores. Barring that, he's far more likely to get released than to become champion.

    This is not an indictment of his talents but instead an evaluation of WWE's perception of him. If Los Locales are getting opportunities on TV and Camacho isn't, than there's no more than a puncher's chance that he'll ever win a championship in WWE.

Sin Cara

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    Chances of winning a title: 20 percent

    If Sin Cara stays healthy, the Intercontinental Championship is a realistic goal for him.

    The trouble is that in Sin Cara's time in WWE, he's been recovering from injury more often than he's been in contention. Still, WWE keeps him around, seemingly holding out hope that he'll turn out to be the star they thought he would be.

    He doesn't often win when he's around, but he has been one of Curtis Axel's opponents several times over. Should he keep himself out of the trainer's room, chances are he gets a crack at Axel's belt at some point. 

Jinder Mahal

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    Chances of winning a title: 15 percent

    As part of 3MB, he has no shot of winning a championship. WWE's resident trio of victims has been the easy win on everyone's schedule.

    WWE has reportedly been very high on Jinder Mahal in the past. F4WOnline, via, wrote in 2012 that WWE believed Mahal could be a "major heel for the long-term."

    It will be difficult to ever have Mahal climb out of the low perception he has with the audience, though. It would be like if a court jester for the king announced after years of service that he was ready to be a knight.

    Still, if WWE believes in Mahal enough to keep him on TV, jobber role or not, he has an outside chance of picking up the odd tag title or midcard belt at some point.


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    Chances of winning a title: 7 percent

    JTG had his championship window close on his fingers when Cryme Tyme broke up.

    Since then, JTG has appeared less and less often on TV and is now relegated to a jobber role for Superstars as low on the totem pole as Zack Ryder and Santino Marella.

    JTG's talent, agility and energy in the ring give him a slightly better shot at being a champion down the road than his fellow rarely seen benchwarmers but not much. WWE clearly feels that guys like Big E. Langston and Bray Wyatt have a brighter future and have pushed JTG down to the very bottom of the ladder.

Damien Sandow

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    Chances of winning a title: 90 percent

    Winning the Money in the Bank didn't lead to a championship for Damien Sandow, but he will stay in contention for the World Heavyweight Championship for the near future.

    WWE has teased a full-fledged feud with Sandow and John Cena, giving "The Intellectual Savior" a number of chances at the world title. Should he fail there, Sandow's elite mic skills and memorable character will have him remain above many Superstars.

    The company showed hesitance with him in having him fail his cash-in, but the smart money is on Sandow having a championship of some kind to brag about in the near future.


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    Chances of winning a title: 5 percent

    Like his ally Camacho, Hunico rarely has the chance to show WWE fans his skills.

    He works house shows and little else. Tagging with Camacho, he has appeared on NXT but hasn't been on Raw or SmackDown since the summer of 2012. Being that far down on the bench gives him only a tiny shot of capturing a title.

    Had WWE made him the full-time placement for Sin Cara, he'd be in a far better position. As it stands, he has to hope for a repackaging to reenter the big stage.


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    Chances of winning a title: 70 percent

    Curtis Axel stole his moment and has yet to give it back. Fandango suffered a concussion before Payback, taking him out of a match for the Intercontinental Championship that many believed he would win.

    He's now being asked to wrestle The Great Khali regularly, which is doing nothing for his momentum. Once WWE decides to have him work with someone else in a feud, expect Fandango to soon become a midcard champ.

    Having him debut at WrestleMania against Chris Jericho speaks to how much WWE thinks of him, while having him slum it against Khali sends a very different message. Should the company pull him out of his current purgatory, Fandango is likely to go after the Intercontinental Championship or with the right partner, win the tag titles at some point.

Brodus Clay

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    Chances of winning a title: 20 percent

    Winning the Slammy Award for Best Dancer doesn't count; Brodus Clay hasn't yet won a title with WWE.

    Despite his comedy character, he has a shot of changing that, though. Santino Marella should be his inspiration, a man who has won several championships despite a goofy gimmick.

    Tons of Funk isn't likely to win the tag belts in an increasingly strong tag division, but should WWE want a lighthearted moment where a large, dancing underdog wins a midcard title, it could turn to Clay. 

Yoshi Tatsu

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    Chances of winning a title: 5 percent

    Yoshi Tatsu has to get on TV before his title chances increase.

    His fun in-ring style and infectious energy would make him an entertaining tag champ with the right partner, but WWE has shown no indication that it believes in him. Tatsu rarely gets an opportunity in the ring and when he does, it's to be an enhancement talent.

    His shot of capturing as gold is the same as Hunico and Camacho's, a sliver. 

    Should a number of injuries happen and WWE scans the bench for someone to step up, Tatsu could get a short push. Barring that, Tatsu looks to be on the path of remaining without a title on his resume. 

The Usos

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    Chances of winning a title: 40 percent

    The Usos have hung around the top of the tag team division for so long, you have to think that they'll eventually seize the championships.

    Jimmy and Jey are likely to remain a unit for the long run because of their great chemistry and the fact that they are twins. So when other teams like Cody Rhodes and Goldust or The Shield split up, the high flyers could swoop in and become champs.

    WWE has given them numerous title shots, so there has to have at least been a conversation or two backstage about letting The Usos win. Chances are WWE creative will eventually compose a script where the brothers come out on top.


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    Chances of winning a title: 70 percent

    WWE almost views Ryback as a champion.

    He's been in contention for the WWE title when CM Punk and John Cena held it. He has yet to have the opportunity to hold the gold, though.

    Betting on him winning that championship is not a safe one, but he could eventually go after the World Heavyweight Championship or a midcard belt. His recent feud with Punk saw him lose often, but recently reported that WWE has "a lot of faith in him."

    That should translate to a title run of some sort if the company can find the right direction for him. His persona seems to shift weekly, going from coward to bully to crybaby rather than the monster he was built to be.

Alex Riley

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    Chances of winning a title: 10 percent 

    If WWE decides that Alex Riley is a Superstar, not a commentator, he could conceivably work his way into the midcard scene. He's certainly talented enough to be at least a tag champ.

    It appears, though, that Riley is going to be sitting at the announce desk more than he steps into the ring. 

    He has a slightly higher chance at being champ than Hunico or Camacho because he had a higher position with the company when he was more active, including getting a spot in a Money in the Bank match. Not ever being asked to suit up anymore keeps those odds minimal, though.