5'8" Dunker Puts on Show for Adams State Basketball Team with Crazy 360 Slam

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterOctober 31, 2013

Josh Kioh is going as a monster for Halloween—a small, high-flying monster.

The 5'8" dunk master recently put on a show for members of the Adams State University basketball program, which graciously allowed him to participate in its preseason dunk contest. His crowning flush was a mind-bending, 360 dunk from way out in the paint that effectively shut the gym down.

Eric Goldschein of Sports Grid spotted the amazing slam, which was originally attributed to Adams State point guard Lee Lark. This is not Lee Lark.

As stated, news outlets originally reported this dunk believing Lark (5'10") was responsible for the delicious jam. However, social media users on YouTube and Twitter insist it's Kioh, a 5'8" dunker nicknamed "Air Nigeria."

That being said, let's move on to the point here—this dunk is insane and needs to be seen from the proper angle.

What’s the proper angle? You can see it in this Vine uploaded by user Dustin Lamar.

As you can see, people lost their minds when they saw the finish. Kioh took off about 12 feet from the basket, twisted and still had the ups to finish with authority.

This wasn't a throw-jam, mind you. It wasn't one of those dunks where a guy jumps, finds himself falling short and then throws the ball at the rim. This is Kioh bringing it home, and he gets a full hand on the rim.

Here’s another dunk purportedly from Kioh that's extremely filthy.

As stated, the identity of the dunker is still being contested, but signs point toward Kioh as the culprit.

That being said, it’s dunk season again, everyone. Enjoy the show.


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