Hamza Abdullah Rips NFL in Explicit Twitter Rant Regarding Injury Diagnosis

Timothy RappFeatured ColumnistOctober 31, 2013

On Thursday, former NFL safety Hamza Abdullah went on Twitter and absolutely ripped the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell for everything from the NFL Scouting Combine to how the league handles injuries to players, and much, much more.

Most of his Twitter rant can be seen below. It is extremely important to note that Abdullah uses rampant profanity that some readers may find very offensive, and the following tweets are absolutely not safe for work (NSFW).

Warning: The following content contains heavy profanity and is NSFW.

Abdullah later apologized for his use of profanity:

In his career, Abdullah played for the Denver Broncos (2005 to 2008), Cleveland Browns (2008) and Arizona Cardinals (2009 to 2011). His brother, Husain Abdullah, currently plays for the Kansas City Chiefs as a defensive back. 

According to former NFL linebacker Scott Fujita, there are NFL players who share Abdullah's feelings:

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports sheds light on why Abdullah felt compelled to voice his displeasure:

Tom Pelissero of USA Today says the NFL's Player Engagement staff has already contacted Abdullah regarding this matter:

It's hard to argue with several of Abdullah's points, especially how poorly the league has handled the concussion issue over the years. And from a player's perspective, it's not hard to see how non-guaranteed contracts are less than ideal, especially in a sport as violent as football. 

It also probably isn't a stretch to guess that Abdullah doesn't think the NFL's settlement for $765 million with the 4,500 former players who sued the league went far enough.

Much of what Abdullah rants against are tricky issues. The NFL is a viciously physical sport—and one that athletes are paid millions of dollars to play once they sign contracts—and the long-term effects of the game on players are no longer a secret. 

In other words, players do know what they are signing up for.   

On the other hand, supporting the players and trying to ensure their long-term health should be a huge priority for the NFL. Instead, as many other people besides Abdullah have argued, it is seemingly brushed aside by owners and Goodell when money enters the equation. 

Look no further than the idea of an 18-game regular season. 

Many won't agree with the tone of Abdullah's rant or even all of what he says, but it's unquestionable that his fears and concerns about how the NFL conducts its business when it relates to player safety are shared by other players and fans.   


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