English Footballer Gets Away with Punching Opponent in the Face During Game

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistNovember 2, 2013

In an English match on October 26th between Heaton Stannington and Birtley Town, one player got away with punching an opposing player and breaking the player's jaw during a game.

Do you hear that loud sound at the beginning of the video? That's Birtley's Mark Brereton punching Heaton's Paul Blakey. Sky Tyne and Wear reported that Brereton walked off the field unpunished, and Birtley was able to use a substitute for him as the referees didn't see the incident. Even if they didn't see it, there's a good chance they heard it.

It took place in a Northern League Division Two match, which Heaton won 3-0.

Sky Tyne and Wear reported Saturday that Birtley Town has suspended Brereton from all football pending an inquiry. 

Hat tip to Yahoo! Sports for the find.