Liverpool Players as Hollywood Movie Stars

Mark Jones@@Mark_Jones86Featured ColumnistNovember 5, 2013

Liverpool Players as Hollywood Movie Stars

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    With drama, celebrity and increasing amounts of money, Premier League football seems to be becoming more and more like Hollywood every day.

    As one of the leading clubs in the division, Liverpool are always going to be a magnet for the spotlight, and the storylines that often centre on the club could often be mistaken for those written by a scriptwriter.

    But what if the Reds really were stars of the screen? And we're not talking about last year's Being Liverpool documentary.

    If the Reds were Hollywood movie stars, what type of roles would they play?

Steven Gerrard as the Action Hero

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    Striving to do his best for the cause, often to the relentless, energy-sapping end, captain Steven Gerrard would be the kind of action hero who always comes through on the big occasion.

    Whether it be in a seemingly impossible cause, such as being 3-0 down in a Champions League final, or in a dramatic last-gasp intervention like the storied fixtures against Olympiakos and West Ham that he made his own, Gerrard is the kind of hero who inspires those around him.

    Right until the bitter end, you know he'll be fighting for his cause.

Luis Suarez as the the Cool Bad Guy

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    Let's be honest, sometimes the bad guys in Hollywood movies are just, well, cooler, aren't they?

    Whether it is Heath Ledger's stellar performance as The Joker in The Dark Knight, or even Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy, sometimes you just can't take your eyes off the guy who everyone is telling you that you're supposed to be rooting against.

    Some will tell you that acting plays a large part in Luis Suarez's game, but whilst they and others might like to tell you that you should dislike him, he does things with a football that are a lot more interesting than plenty of the good guys do.

Kolo Toure as the Wise Old Head (The Morgan Freeman Role, Basically)

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    The Shawshank Redemption, Batman Begins, Bruce Almighty, plenty of others. When he's not talking about penguins, Morgan Freeman often plays a similar role in his movies, that of a wise older head often turned to for advice.

    Freeman has even played God twice, and whilst Kolo Toure hasn't quite given Liverpool that level of divine intervention since his summer move from Manchester City, his addition was largely down to his valuable levels of experience.

    Like Freeman, his voice is a respected one.

Martin Skrtel as the Shaven-Headed Muscle

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    Bruce Willis and Jason Statham. Bald? Check. Strong? Check. A bit mad? Double check.

    These action heroes are of a different type to Gerrard's, with brute force pretty much always playing a part in their successes.

    Martin Skrtel isn't going to win any awards for his ability with the ball at his feet, but he could certainly pick up a few accolades for scaring people and going to great lengths to get what he wants.

    His strength is his strength, and you wouldn't want to get in his way.

Philippe Coutinho as the Best Supporting Actor

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    Without a strong cast, the production simply doesn't work, and quite often a member of that cast will emerge to give a stellar performance.

    The movie simply wouldn't be the same without them, and it is enriched by their presence.

    Liverpool will hope that Philippe Coutinho's return from injury can help inspire them to great heights following a fine beginning to his Reds career, with his ability to assist both Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge likely to be key to what may be positive reviews in the future.

Daniel Sturridge as the Underdog

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    Frequently misjudged and written off, the success of the underdog is a key element to many Hollywood movies and remains popular with audiences worldwide.

    From seemingly being cast aside, this character emerges and proves plenty of people wrong on the way to achieving terrific success.

    After leaving Manchester City and Chelsea, Daniel Sturridge was often judged to be a failure by many, but his stellar goalscoring record since joining Liverpool has made plenty of people eat their words.

    Everyone loves an underdog story, after all.

    Maybe Reds fans should start nicknaming Sturridge "Rocky?"

Simon Mignolet as Dolph Lundgren

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    Because, well, look at him.

Joe Allen as Jamie Bell

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    And him, too!