Miami Dolphins: 20 Questions With Chad Pennington

Harlequin RowContributor IMay 26, 2009

KEY BISCAYNE, FL - MARCH 25:  Quarterback Chad Pennington of the Miami Dolphins plays a friendly match against Nadia Petrova during day three of the Sony Ericsson Open at The Crandon Park Tennis Center on March 25, 2009 in Key Biscayne, Florida.  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)

Chad Pennington is one of the most successful quarterbacks in the history of the National Football League.  His 90.6 passer rating is sixth all-time among quarterbacks with at least 1,500 career pass attempts to their names. Interestingly, Brett Favre isn't even in the top ten.  

Pennington is also a star off the field, as co-founder along with his wife, Robin, of the '1st and 10 Foundation', that benefits various communities in West Virginia, Tennessee and the New York Metro area.  Here is my questionnaire for the only two-time NFL Comeback Player of the Year:

1) "How was your off-season, Chad?  I heard you had some rest and relaxation at the Ericsson Open Tennis Tournament."

This question will hopefully comfort him, giving him the opportunity to delve into more personal information, like the birth of his third child in March, without me, a stranger, referencing it like some Wikipedia junkie.

2) "Could you return your temporary sparring partner, Nadia Petrova's, serve?"

3) "Okay, your wide receiving core has been targeted as a possible weakness of this year's team, much in lieu of the fact that nobody topped 800 yards last season. Do you feel confident with the group you're going to battle with this year?"

This is a table setter; an underarm pitch right down the middle.  Clearly, he'll stress confidence in his boys.

4) "Give me one word responses as to positive attribution brought to the field by each, Ted Ginn, Jr., Greg Camarillo, Davonne Bess and, rookie Patrick Turner."

This will serve to focus on the good these receivers can offer, without emphasizing too much on each individual, thus alienating Pennington.

5) "What kind of locker room vibe do you anticipate from the return of Jason Taylor?"

6) "Were you comfortable with the team's second-round selection of Pat White?"

This question is a little more personal.  I perfer to leave the question generic, and let Pennington delve as deep into detail as he's comfortable doing.

7) "How is the charity that you and your wife started, '1st and 10', coming along?" 

8) "Is there anyway people at home can get involved?"

This will serve as a stress release question after the Pat White dousey earlier.

9) "Alright, Chad, you reached two divisional rounds with the Jets.  Do you still keep in touch with some of your old comrades, who are now inner-division rivals in some cases?"

This will set up more personal questions...

10) "Is there any added incentive for you personally, when you play the Jets now?"

11) "If so, what was the most personally contemptuous transpiring during the exodus from New York?"

This is a conditional question based on his previous response.

12) "Has time healed the wounds?"

This is another question only asked if applicable.

13) "Do you have any kind of relationship with Brett Favre?"

14) "What do you like better about playing in Miami, as opposed to East Rutherford?"

This question refocuses the context of the interview on the Dolphins, instead of the past.

15) "Your sixty six percent completion ratio is the best in NFL history.  When are pundits going to stop complaining about your conservative style?"

This is a light question; a sure sign that the end of the interview is approaching.

16) "Tony Sparano is a cool customer. How deep has he and this system pushed you along toward being the complete passer so few actually become?"

I want to stir up some positive commentary about the team.

17) "What's going to be the key point or stretch of your schedule, and why?"

This question serves as his chance to voluntarily offer his commentary, as to how this team matches up opposite key adversaries.

18) "Are you expecting more home sell outs this year after the playoff appearance?"

19) "Alright, Chad, before you go, can you divulge any factoids that the die hard Dolphin fans and supporters deserve to know about their team that the media hasn't been so intrusive as to uncover yet?"

20) "If my interviewing skills are a team in Detroit Lions history, am I: a.) the Bobby Layne-led 1953 NFL Championship team, b.) the 1991 12-4 team with Barry Sanders, and "Rasputin" Fontes as head coach, or c.) that high school team they let play at Ford's Field in 2008?"

Thanks, Chad!


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