WWE SmackDown: Spoiler-Free Preview for Nov. 8

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterNovember 7, 2013

The John Cena era of WWE SmackDown continues on the Nov. 8 episode.

Having the World Heavyweight Championship gripping his waist is going to have Cena appear on Friday nights more often, and this week has him on the blue brand battling a foe he's dispatched in the past.

CM Punk gets a familiar rival as well while Alberto Del Rio and Daniel Bryan move on to new opposition.

How will WWE continue to construct the Survivor Series card? Big Show vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship is the only match set, and fans will be looking for signs to who challenges Cena for the world title and which classic elimination tag matches are formed.

The following is a look at all of the matches on Friday's SmackDown without spoiling the results.


Curtis Axel vs. CM Punk

This is a curious matchup seeing how Punk's feud with Paul Heyman and his crew is over. Axel is in search of a huge upset while Punk looks to continue his winning way against Axel.

Axel's scheduled title defense against Big E. Langston on Wednesday's Main Event never happened, making it twice now that the match has been pulled. This would seem like a good third alternative time for it, but Axel instead looks to be heading into another loss.

Punk dives at Axel on Raw.
Punk dives at Axel on Raw.

He needs a challenger and rival to highlight his title soon. Being Punk's patsy isn't helping his career. 

AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka vs. The Funkadactyls

Furthering the Diesel and Shawn Michaels parallel, Tamina and AJ have been teaming up on a regular basis. 

Nikki and Cameron can earn some momentum by pinning the Divas champ. Either one of them can step into contention quite easily with only The Bellas seemingly in the running for the No. 1 spot.

This match will feature a number of athletic women, and given enough time, this could be a surprisingly entertaining bout.

Look for AJ to continue to talk to her Divas Championship like she was Gollum whispering to his "precious." She either finds a rival for Survivor Series here or uses these dancing ladies as momentum builders.


Alberto Del Rio vs. Great Khali

If anyone not named Bryan can get a decent match out of Khali, it's Del Rio.

The former champ will surely go into this angry at losing to Cena at Hell in a Cell. Del Rio was merciless in his attack of Kofi Kingston on Monday's Raw. Expect more of the same here.

Memories of Khali's last impact win have long faded away. His massive arm is in serious danger as he enters this battle.


The Usos and R-Truth vs. 3MB

The Usos get a new random third partner for the week. Is this WWE testing out the chemistry for a possible Survivor Series elimination match or a case of not knowing where to put R-Truth anymore?

3MB have become the modern-day equivalent to the Mulkey Brothers—everybody's easy win.

After as many times as they took on Los Matadores and lost, they are sure to be relieved to be facing a new set of foes, even if their chances for victory are bikini-model slim. 


Daniel Bryan vs. Luke Harper

Harper gets another chance to showcase his rugged, animalistic style in singles action after impressing against CM Punk on Monday's Raw.

The Bryan and Punk vs. The Wyatt Family feud is the most concrete current feud outside of Big Show and Orton. Bryan's ability to bring out his foe's best, Harper's talents and the animosity bubbling between these two should result in something memorable here.

Erick Rowan and Bray Wyatt will no doubt be circling around Bryan as he tries to fight, but will Punk get involved as well? Bryan helped Punk stave off the bearded brutes on Monday; "The Best in the World" could be returning the favor and furthering this story. 


John Cena vs. Ryback

Ryback returns to the foe from his first feud after his heel turn this year.

He faces the world champ in a match that feels less evenly matched than either the Payback or Extreme Rules bouts these men had a few months ago. Cena rebounded from losing the WWE Championship and losing two months to surgery.

Ryback, on the other hand, appears to be in a tailspin.

He has struggled to add wins to his record and is made to look easier and easier to defeat each week. He struggled to put away Khali on Monday. Cena is a huge step up from the big man.

Their clash will top an intriguing episode filled with flashback bouts and new pairings. The Shield have been SmackDown's go-to team recently and Cena, Bryan and others get the floor for the time being.