'We Forgot Stanford' Shirts Will Hold Place in Pantheon of Iconic Sportswear

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIINovember 8, 2013

Image from Jim Dunaway from CBS Sports' Twitter Account
Image from Jim Dunaway from CBS Sports' Twitter Account

Oregon Ducks fans will hate them, but the "We Forgot Stanford" t-shirts that Alabama Crimson Tide fans had printed up will draw a chuckle from the rest of the college football world. After the Ducks lost on Thursday to the No. 5 Stanford Cardinal, the message was timely and poignant.

Per Beth Maiman and Victor Flores of The Daily Emerald, two Oregon students, Grant Otter and Harrison Tingler, had shirts printed in the Ducks' colors that read "We Want Bama."

It was obvious bravado that delivered a not-so subtle hint that the Ducks wanted to face No. 1 Alabama in the BCS championship. It seemed like a smart and opportunistic way to make a few bucks off Oregon's success. You know the cliche—college students are broke and need a hustle.

Unfortunately, Otter and Tingler forgot all about Stanford. CBS Sports' Jim Dunaway tweeted an image of the shirts that now make a lot more sense than Otter and Tingler's original creation.

These had to at least be conceptualized mere hours after the original shirts first hit the internet. Bravo to the fans for the foresight and quick work.

The No. 5-ranked Cardinal knocked off Oregon 26-20 on Thursday and likely killed any chance the Ducks would have to play for a national championship. As cruel as it may seem to Ducks fans, this is the type of good-natured ribbing that makes being a fan fun.

There were no fights involving the shirts—that we've heard at least—and ultimately they'll become just a funny/painful way to remember an epic late-season matchup. The shirts could have also backfired had 'Bama lost during the regular season, or even in the SEC title game, should they qualify.

The risk of loudly touting your team's excellence has been known to bite more than a few overconfident fans in the past. Apparently Otter and Tingler didn't learn from sports history.

We can file this piece of memorabilia next to the "Quitness" shirts fans made up to mock LeBron James when he made the decision to take his talents to South Beach. The New England Patriots "18-1=Owned" shirts from New York Giants fans is another memorable sports t-shirt.

No article of clothing can capture a moment or concept like a t-shirt. Bama fans have certainly made one of the Oregon Ducks' darkest moments entertaining.