B/R turns WWE ECW (Chapter 25)The Road To Pain

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IMay 26, 2009

Jax: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to ECW we have another action filled night for you.
What’s this?

Tony Arnoldine makes his way to the ring.

Tony: Last week Mike Scanion stood in this very ring and declared he was issuing a challenge to the whole locker room, to challenge him for the ECW Championship.
Well he forgot one thing my rematch clause.
Which I intend to cash in right here right now.

Mike Scanion makes his way to the ring.
Both men now face to face.

Mike: I see no problem with that, I beat you once and will be more than happy to beat you again, he shoves Tony into the ropes.

The Enemy fills the stadium and GM Celeste Winchester comes out.

Celeste: Gentlemen I suggest you cool off and save it for our next PPV Extreme Rules where you will be facing each other in a non disqualification ladder match for the ECW Championship.

Now you can both be in action tonight considering you both want at each other, but it will be a non title match; are we all in agreement?
Both men agree as they eye each other off with distaste.

Celeste: Good then I suggest you both get ready.

The enemy strikes up and Celeste leaves the stadium.

Jax: Well it looks like we are going to see both our former and new ECW Champion in action tonight, but right now we have a tag team match.

Announcer: the following match is a tag team qualifier and is scheduled for one fall introducing at a combined weight of 517 lbs  Jabot Singleterry and Clifford Yates and their challengers at a combined weight of 412 lbs the tad team of Kevin and Tyler Williams.

Bell ring.

Kevin and Cliff start things off, grapple and they lock.
Kevin gets Cliff in a headlock and throws Cliff into the ropes and follows it up with a hip throw, Kevin goes for a quick pin 1... Kick out.
Tags made Tyler and Jabot in.

Both men lock Jabot now throwing Tyler into the turnbuckle he follows it up with some shoulder barges to the mid section.
Referee breaks it up.

Back in center ring Tyler now with an Irish whip throws Jabot into the ropes and delivers a huge knee to his back he covers quickly for the pin 1…2 Cliff breaks it up with a drop elbow  to Tyler’s back.

Both men to their feet Jabot with an Irish whip sends Tyler into the turnbuckle he quickly lines Tyler up and goes for a spear but Tyler move out of the way and Jabot ends up shoulder first into the turnbuckle.

Tyler now quickly pulls Jabot off the top rope and he hit the mat face first Tyler goes for the pin 1…2 kick out.

Tag made Kevin legal man in.
Kevin now locks in an arm lock on Jabots injured arm Jabot with all his strength reverses it and throws Kevin in to the ropes Kevin on the rebound with a clothesline he quickly goes for the pin 1…2... Shoulder up.

Back in center ring Kevin with an Irish whip into the ropes follows it up with a back breaker he goes for the pin 1..2. Cliff tries to break it up Tyler from the other side of the ring drops him with a dropkick 3.

It’s over.

Bell Ring

Announcer: You winners the tag team of Tyler and Kevin Williams.

Commercial break.

Tony: And we are back, well it looks like Tyler and Kevin are through to the next round.

Jax: Up next we have the non title match between Tony Arnoldine and current ECW Champion Michael Scanion.

Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall Introducing the current ECW Champion Mike Scanion  and his challenger Tony Arnoldine.

Bell ring.

Grapple and lock Tony throws Michael into the ropes Michael rebounds with a shoulder barge.

Back to the center Michael now throws Tony into the ropes and catches him on the rebound with a knee to the midsection sending he quickly applies a headlock and delivers a bulldog.
He moves in for the count 1…2 Kick out.

Both men back to their feet Tony get Michael in an arm lock Tony reverses and delivers a kick to Michael’s chest that sends Michael into the ropes.

 Tony follows it up with a clothes line and goes for the pin again 1.. Shoulder up.

Punches exchanged by both men Michael with an Irish whip send Tony into the turnbuckle face first he follows it up with a knee press to Tony’s back and quickly goes up the pin 1…2.. Kick out.

Michael now crosses both of Tony’s arms across his neck in a boa hold while pressing his leg into Tony’s back while pulling back.

The agony is written across Tony’s face and with the strength he has  left he manages to get to his feet carry Michael on his back he slams Michael into the turnbuckle back first twice , finally Michael lets go .

Tony drops to his knees catching his breath Michael  goes to the top rope Tony also climbs up he  gets hold of Michael and delivers a suplex from the top rope he then climbs back up and deliver a leg drop across Michael's throat he quickly goes for the pin 1…2…3
It’s over.

Bell Ring.

Announcer: Here is your Winner Tony Arnoldine.

The lights go out Anon is on the titantron, I must congratulate you Mr. Arnoldine , however be aware of this , it makes no difference to me which one of you wins at Extreme Rules, just know that I will be the next challenger for the ECW Title.

Jax: Wow, well I guess that victory will be short lived, I think Tony was sending Michael a message, but Anon sent a message of his own.
I can’t wait till Extreme Rules these two will tear each other apart.

Tony: You’ve got that right I don’t think either man will give an inch.

Commercial break.

Jax: And were back with the main event, this is the match I have been waiting for.

Announcer: This next match is a steel cage match and can be won by submission pinfall or escape from the cage this match is for the hardcore championship.

Daniel is already in the cage pacing his eyes glues on the ramp.

The lights go out, the sound of thunder echoes through the stadium followed by Tear Away the crowd is going crazy as the lights return the tall dark masked figure makes his way to the ring his raven long hair the only thing visible from beneath the mask, he makes his way into the cage and hand the referee the championship belt.

Bell ring

Daniel immediately offloads a barrage of punches and kicks Anon returns a few punches of his own then uses a mighty head butt that brings Daniel to his knees he follows it up with a boot to Daniel’s head and goes for a quick pin 1…2 Kick out.

Both men back to their feet they lock Daniel throws Anon into the ropes and follows it with a mighty power slam followed with a leg drop he goes for the pin but Anon reverses it and rolls him up for a count of two.

Both men back to their feet Anon now throws Daniel into the ropes and delivers a huge clothesline he moves in with an elbow drop to Daniel leg, Daniel counters with a few punches to Anon’s head, he gets to his feet quickly but the damage has been done Anon with a low leg sweep sends Daniel crashing into the turnbuckle face first, Anon follows it with a neckbreaker he goes for the pin 1…2.. Daniel kicks out just in time.

Anon helps Daniel to his feet throws him into the ropes and delivers a huge boot to Daniel’s face he then continues working on his injured leg with another elbow drop.

The pain written all over Daniel face, Anon wastes no time and locks in a figure four , Daniel screams in pain as Anon continues to punish him , slowly and painfully Daniel reaches for the bottom rope and Anon is forced to let go.

Both men back to their feet Anon offloads a few punches Daniel counters with a few of his own , Daniel now with an Irish whip send Anon in to the ropes and follows it up with a power slam  he moves in for a quick cover 1.. Shoulder up.

Back to their feet they begin a slugfest Anon now throws Daniel back into the ropes and rebounds with a mighty choke slam he moves in for the cover 1…2 kick out.

Anon now quickly begins his climb , Daniel sees him and goes up after him both men are on the top rope exchanging punches Daniel manages to get away he gets to the top Anon is close behind him both men are on top of the cage Anon tries to get Daniel into a head lock both men jump and come crashing down to the ground their feet hit the floor at the same time the referee calls for replay and it is decided as a draw.

Bell ring.

Announcer: This match has ended in a draw therefore your winner and still the hardcore champion Anon.

Both men stare at each other hate in their eyes Daniel goes for a steel chair he swings it Anon blocks it with a kick it into Daniels face. He stands over the top of Daniel with the chair in his hands.

The Enemy fills the Stadium GM Celeste Winchester comes running down the ramp.

Jax: what the hell is she doing?

Celeste: Stop! Stop it right now!
That is enough, now Anon please lower that chair.
Anon throws the chair on the ground walks over to Celeste and looks down at her his steel cold eyes boring into hers,

Thank you Anon, now, I thought this match was going to be the end of it with you two, but I see i was wrong.

Now considering this match ended in a draw.

You will both be facing each other in a buried alive match at Extreme Rules this match is not open for debate, am I understood?

Anon nods in agreement and shoots Daniel a look of total disgust, an evil menacing laugh fills the stadium as the lights go out and the show ends.