WPS MatchTracker Issues/ Tech Talk

Kathy KentchContributor IMay 27, 2009

If you've attempted to follow a WPS match via "MatchTracker" you are well aware that it is a task not easily accomplished. Not only is it very un-descriptive but most of the time it provides incorrect information to the die-hard women's soccer fans.

I've turned to MatchTracker on several occasions when there was no other option to follow a match. I quickly discovered that a majority of the time the line-ups listed are wrong. Either they have the wrong players listed or they are in complete wrong positions.

So I ask, why is it that the league cannot transmit proper information to its fans? This being a league that prides itself on it's availability and being ahead of the pack on social networking. Yet, the fans can't get proper information during the match?

I turned to MatchTracker to get the starting lineups for Saturday's Athletica v. Red Stars before the Spanish live stream came up. Knowing full well that both teams would have jumbled lineups due to national team call-ups I wasn't too surprised when MatchTracker had many players listed in different positions.

However once the match started it was very apparent that the Match Tracker lineups were nowhere close to being accurate. As a fan writer that does her best to provide fellow fans with the most accurate information, how can I do this when the league cannot even provide truthful stats and lineups?

Now with all that being said I am happy to give credit where credit is deserved, and the league is doing a wonderful job in social networking. Now knowing that MatchTracker is unreliable I turn to players, fans, team personnel, and fellow writers on Twitter for up to date information on the matches. The league has a list of teams, players, coaches, etc and that can be viewed here.

The league also has highlights of almost all the matches up on their youtube site. They usually add the highlights within a day following the match. This is especially helpful for those matches not televised.

Perhaps the greatest WPS resource is Delicious which is a collection of WPS articles written from a variety of networks. You can view their profile and bookmarks here.

On the video and audio front:
The Chicago Red Stars are the only team, to my knowledge, that offer either television or live web casts (via chicagoredstars.com) of their home matches.
St. Louis Athletica is offering radio coverage of their remainder home and away matches on Team 1380 radio.

FC Gold Pride will have their two remaining matches vs the Red Stars televised on the Comcast Sports Network in the Chicago and Bay Area markets.

The final LA Sol v Sky Blue FC match on June 13th will be televised on NBC Universal Sports in their respective markets.

You can also view the schedule for the remaining FSC matches via the WPS website.