On The Spot: Some Poignant Questions For Josh Cribbs

Robert RozborilContributor IMay 27, 2009

CLEVELAND - NOVEMBER 23:  Joshua Cribbs #16 of the Cleveland Browns carries the ball during the NFL game against the Houston Texans at Cleveland Browns Stadium on November 23, 2008 in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Wide Receiver Joshua Cribbs will be a Cleveland Brown in 2009. 

This seems probable considering the fact that Cribbs is attending this week's voluntary mini-camp. Cribbs threatened to hold out for a new contract and did not participate in team activities last week. 

Cribbs did, however, have a sit-down discussion with head coach Eric Mangini during that time.  Whatever was said and/or negotiated clearly did some good, as the fan-favorite Cribbs returned to the field. 

The following are a series of questions that may dwell in the minds of some fans right now as well as sports writers (myself included).  We start with a few "ice-breakers" and then move right in with some that are more personal, heavy-hitters:

1.  Who is your greatest inspiration in life and football?

2.  What is your favorite part about playing with the Browns in Cleveland?  Least favorite part?

3.  Are you satisfied with your role with the Cleveland Browns?

4.  Do you feel that, as far as your contract goes, you are being treated with the respect that you deserve and that what you bring to the table is being met equally on the other side as far as compensation?

5.  When you sat down with Eric Mangini last week, what did it seem he was he most concerned with?  Your contract?  Your role with the team?  Your relationship with him and the players?

6.  What did Eric Mangini say to you that you found most helpful and/or hurtful to your current situation with the team?

7.  Do you feel your recent contract situation has at all affected your relationship with any of your teammates even a little?  How so?

8.  Are there any other teams that have perked your interest in the past few months?  Which ones?  Why?

9.  You've been a fan-favorite in Cleveland since 2005, do you worry at all what the fans think of your actions off the field?

10.  How long do you see yourself staying with the Browns?  How long do you see yourself wanting to continue playing for the Browns?

11.  Who do you feel is the best prepared draftee for the Browns in 2009? 

12.  Do you feel any competition from rookie WR's Brian Robiskie or Mohammed Massaquoi?

13.  What are your goals for yourself in the 2009 season?  How are you preparing to meet those goals?

14.  How has your relationship with Eric Mangini gone since he was hired as Head Coach of the Browns?  Do you foresee it getting stronger as the year goes on?

15.  Do you feel confident that the Browns will be a better team in 2009?  Why or why not?


There's almost no doubt that there are other questions that some would want to drill Josh Cribbs about.  Anyone that has one to add, feel free to comment.