Shaqtin' a Fool: NY Knicks Need Acting Classes

Joel C. CordesNBA Associate EditorNovember 15, 2013

Acting can come naturally or be part of a method, but pretending to be something you're not is usually pretty obvious.

Take a couple New York Knicks, for example, as shown in this week's episode of Shaqtin' a Fool: Andrea Bargnani, acting like he's playing defense (from a mile away), and Iman Shumpert, acting like he's taking an elbow of doom (also from a mile away). 

Not only do Bargnani and Shumpert apparently have some remedial sessions to attend, but the Knicks might want to start acting like a good team again one of these days instead of a community theater bungle.

Elsewhere, are all Miami Heat fans this gross? Joakim Noah knows that was a basketball game versus the Utah Jazz, not a dodgeball match, right?

And if referee Joey Crawford wants something that clean, why didn't he just rip the mop away from the game attendant, swab the deck himself and T-up the player for causing the sweaty mess in the first place?

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