Thomas Holley: No-Star to 5-Star High School Football Prospect in 6 Months

Full Ride@BR_FullRideB/R VideoNovember 18, 2013

5-star defensive tackle Thomas Holley is not your typical high school football recruit. He is from an area of the country not known for excellence on the gridiron, but for greatness on the hardwood.

Holley attends Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn, N.Y., and grew up loving basketball. That was his sport and nothing was going to change that, except of course something that he had no control over. As he puts it, "I stopped growing."

The 6'4", 303-pound Class of 2014 prospect isn't exactly on the small side, but he realized that his athleticism would be more valuable on the football field.

Watch the video and meet a remarkable young man who went from zero scholarship offers to 25 in one year.