FF Draft Strategy-30 Something WRs...Oldies But Goodies

sean scottContributor IMay 27, 2009

JACKSONVILLE, FL - MAY 1:  Wide receiver Torry Holt #81 of the Jacksonville Jaguars watches play during a team mini-camp on May 1, 2009 on the practice fields at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)




Do you ever notice that most owners in fantasy football are typically drawn to the flash and upside over the reality of who actually produces season to season?  One of the most overlooked type of players in both redraft and especially dynasty are the 30-something year old WRs. 


These are the guys that help move the chains and win games for their teams.  These are the Senior members of the NFL.  The guys that seem closer to carrying an AARP card in their wallet every season that goes by.  


There are 30- somethings that are drafted fairly early.  Randy Moss, Steve Smith, and Terrell Owens are all at least 30 entering this season but they will be drafted long before some of the guys I am going to highlight. 


I am looking to show you where to fill up some of those WR2/3/4/5 slots to help round out the roster and give you some good steady production. 


So let’s jump into this.  I tend to abbreviate a lot of stats and numbers but I’m sure you will have no trouble keeping up.  I am going to name the player, give an approximation of where they are drafted in a 12 team format, and for this exercise let’s assume we are talking PPR(points per reception) leagues.  I will also list the age next to them.



Donald Driver(34)-7th-8thround


The last 3 seasons he has posted 92/1295/8td, 82/1048/2td, and 74/1012/5td…good for 5th, 30th, and 23rd overall.


There is no denying that Driver has likely seen his better days and a changing of the guard has happened with Greg Jennings.  But the fact remains he could still be a WR1 for many teams in the league which makes him an outstanding WR to lineup opposite Jennings.  Odds are he will have 70-80 catches as the defense for Green Bay is still a work in progress.  Why does that matter?  Bad defenses make for the offenses having to score a lot in order to keep pace. 



Derrick Mason(35)-6th-8thround


Last 3 seasons he posted 68/750/2, 103/1087/5, and 80/1037/5…finished 49th, 20th, and 22nd.


Mason was written off years ago yet he still is the most reliable receiver in Baltimore.  Mark Clayton always looks promising but he never delivers.  Meanwhile Mason keeps putting up strong numbers and at least warrants merit as a WR3 on your roster.



Muhsin Muhammed(36)-9th to 10th round and later


Last 3…60/863/5, 40/570/3, 65/923/5…He was stuck in Chicago for awhile but his yards per catch has not really diminished over the past several years. 


Muhammed is winding down his career but I have yet to see much that can push him out of the way of the WR2 in Carolina.  Muhammed is a nice bye week filler and in best ball leagues you almost can’t lose taking him because you never actually have to figure out which games he will do well in.  You could do much worse than Muhammed as a WR4 on your roster. 



Laveraneus Coles(31)-6th-7th round


Last 3…91/1098/6, 55/646/6, 70/850/7…he had very poor QB play 2 seasons ago in New York. 


Coles is not flashy but he gets the job done.  He will be filling the big shoes of TJ Housh in Cinci this season.  The Bengals have shored up some of that OL and I believe Palmer will have more time to throw the ball.  Coles has a real chance to catch 80-90+ balls this season.  He is an absolute steal right now in dynasty leagues where I only had to part with the 2.10 and 3.02 in my best ball rookie dynasty draft this past weekend and could not be happier.  In redrafts don’t burn a 4th round pick on Chad Johnson when you can get Coles a full round or two later. 



Torry Holt(33)-7thround


Last 3 seasons…93/1188/10, 93/1189/7, 64/796/3.


Holt was part of a miserable offense that had no OL for Bulger to set up behind and he suffered with the rest of the Rams offense.  I don’t know if Garrard is much of an upgrade but I believe Holt having a bad year coupled with his age means that he is a prime candidate to bounce back sort of like Mason a couple years ago.  Holt has 8 trips to the top15 and 6 of those all the way into the top10...the guy has been money.



Hines Ward(33)-6th round or later


Last 3 seasons…74/975/6, 71/732/7, 81/1043/7.  Consistency Consistency Consistency


Let everyone grab Santonio Holmes at least a full round ahead of where you have to take the guy that finishes with better stats.  Holmes’ heroics in the Super Bowl is only going to help your cause of securing Ward later.  Every year this guy gets no love and he just simply posts numbers.  Odds are Ward will have about 75 catches, 900-1000 yards, and 6-7 TDs. 




Santana Moss(30)-6th round or later


Last 3 seasons…55/790/6, 61/808/3, 79/1044/6


Only limited by his QB.  Moss turns 30 before the start of the season and no longer is seen as a flashy player.  Again, use this to capitalize while others are taking guys like Eddie Royal who will undoubtedly crash without Cutler there.  No one is going to unseat Santana anytime soon. 



Kevin Curtis(31)-8th round or later


Last couple seasons…77/1110/8, 33/390/2.  The numbers last year were done in basically 8 games so if you go out the whole season he was on pace for 65/800/4.


I like Curtis since everyone is high on DeSean Jackson and the rookie Jeremy Maclin.  Kevin Curtis will see his fair share of passes and is another WR you can grab to round out your stable of WR. 



A few other notables include Isaac Bruce, Joey Galloway, and even Bobby Engram…these guys are all old and pose some of the highest risk for our session of oldies but goodies.  But it doesn’t hurt to keep them on your radar in case you run into a pinch during your draft.  I like most of these guys as nothing higher than a WR4 or WR5.


I hope you enjoyed this exercise and hopefully you see the value in not only these picks but also what this allows you to do in the first 4-5 rounds of your draft. 


I like a WR corp that might be made up of Randy Moss/Reggie Wayne as your WR1, perhaps a guy like Wes Welker as your WR2, then a couple guys that are not flashy but get the job done such as the ones I went over. 


Good luck and I look forward to hearing some feedback from all of you.