Tigers Being Tamed or Is It Just a Slow Start?

brien loreContributor IApril 19, 2008

What is going on with the Tigers? Any ideas?

They went from AL champs to AL chumps as of right now.They spent a great deal of money to keep some players and to add some new fresh faces.What is it gonna take for them to get moving?The huge contracts that were given out to players and they are not playing for the pay.Miguel Cabrera is only batting .283,but they have Carlos Guillen hitting at .352 not bad.

Now onto Dontrelle Willis,good move/bad move whats your take?He has been shaky for the last few seasons,was 2005 a fluke or will he get back to his original form?Only time will tell.The point is this Tigers team has talent all over the locker room,when is it gonna show is my question?maybe they will have another run at the World Series and surprise millions of people again.As long as they keep there fans and motivation they might have a chance to stay out of the basement.