Things No Longer Blue for the Browns

brien loreContributor IApril 19, 2008

Feb 4th 2055


Finally!!! after all these years the Cleveland Browns win the Superbowl.With a brilliant performance by high school drop out Brady Quinn III.His 452 1/2 yards and 5 touchdown passes led the way.Its weird seeing they actually count half yards now.It was an actual blow out 35-3 score against the Arizona Cardinals.Arizona's lone 3 points came from a 60 yard field goal by Neil Rackers.His kicking gets better year after year i tell ya.Beings there are only 2 teams left in the NFL it was an easy 16 week journey to the big game splitting the season series at 8 a piece.One of the games memorable plays is when Quinn III went deep to Kellen Winslow IIII for the first score,after that it was all over.Maybe they can repeat next year,and finally they aren't the butt of every ones jokes no more.Like when you say you have to go to the bathroom you would say i'm going to drop the Browns off at the Superbowl,needless to say they have already been there,so now its all deja vu