Big Show vs. Randy Orton Is Unworthy of WWE Championship Billing

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistNovember 23, 2013


The Big Show-Randy Orton feud is prominent in the first hour of Monday's show, as any WWE championship feud should be on the go-home show. But as Raw Country trotted along, WWE's top feud fell out of favor.

Given the poor timing of a themed episode occurring on the same night as a go-home show, it's understandable that certain programs get lost in the shuffle.

But, the Survivor Series main event?

Big Show is currently being awkwardly slotted as a hero despite strong-arming his way into the WWE title picture through a series of legal technicalities. Show's alleged journey back into the main event wasn't borne out of anti-authority heroism as much as it was the result of self-serving litigiousness.

If Show really were the hero WWE wants its fans to think he is, the veteran, who has won every major championship there is to win throughout his career, would have spread the wealth in some capacity. 

When CM Punk held the promotion hostage, at least he demanded ice cream bars for all.

WWE needed to force the issue by presenting Randy Orton as the dastardly heel who needed to be stop, while presenting the Big Show as the only possible solution to his reign of terror. 

Neither of these scenarios played out.

Instead, Orton was booked to have tension with his authority counterparts while Big Show wrestled a forgettable match against Ryback before exiting stage left.

By show's end, the Florida-Georgia line's live performance and Rey Mysterio's return were bigger stories than the WWE title main event.

Survivor Series is undoubtedly the weakest of WWE's big four pay-per-views in terms of drawing power. The Royal Rumble basically sells itself, SummerSlam is treated as the WrestleMania of the summer and WrestleMania is WrestleMania. 

Big Show has never proven to be a major draw as a babyface WWE title challenger. His gigantic disposition makes him readily associated with a monster heel.

Therefore, it was integral that WWE emphasize his standing as a babyface chasing a spoiled, opportunistic heel. With both stars becoming afterthoughts in the second and third hour, it's a wonder why WWE insisted on this match being contested for their most meaningful championship.


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