Bobcats Returning to Purple and Teal Color Scheme for Transition Back to Hornets

Dan Favale@@danfavaleFeatured ColumnistNovember 24, 2013

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Purple and teal, together again.

In a quest for relevance and renewed fan support, the Charlotte Bobcats are looking to return to the good old days. As a part of their preparation in becoming the Hornets once again, the franchise has announced the primary team colors will change back to purple and teal in 2014-15.

The revamping serves as a tribute to the Charlotte Hornets of old, who sported the same colors between 1988 and 2002, when Charlotte basketball was actually worth rooting for.

The team released the following statement on the switch, brought to us by CBS Sports' Zach Harper:

“It was important to us to acknowledge the heritage of the Charlotte Hornets when bringing the name back to the market,” said Bobcats Sports & Entertainment Chairman Michael Jordan. “The purple and teal color scheme was instantly recognizable as being associated with the original Hornets and we felt it was only appropriate to utilize the colors once again with this historic brand.”

As part of the survey process prior to the decision to change the name, Harris Interactive surveyed the Charlotte community, as well as current season ticket holders and team sponsors. In each of the three groups, an overwhelming majority of those surveyed were in favor of using the purple and teal of the original Hornets as the colors of the rebranded team.

Of course fans were in favor of returning to the city's previous colors. They're a symbol for better days, for memories they're not actively trying to forget.

Wonderfully nostalgic. That's how I'd characterize this move. 

Owner Michael Jordan and Co. must distance themselves from the Bobcats era as much as possible. Changing the name is a great start; bringing back a classic colorway associated with better days is an even better finishing touch.

Bye, bye Bobcats.
Bye, bye Bobcats.Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Since their inception in 2004, the 'Cats have made the playoffs just once. They also hold the record for the lowest single-season winning percentage in league history (10.6). Those Hornets—now the New Orleans Pelicans—enjoyed nine winning seasons through 14 years in Charlotte, including seven playoff berths. 

Charlotte now has an opportunity to return to respectability. Though that process ends with talent, it begins with a name change and a retrograded look. 

Fans should rummage through their old garb and pull out vintage jerseys. Muggsy Bogues, Dell Curry, Chris Paul (too soon?), David West, Larry Johnson—the gang's all here, at the bottom of your closet, pining for the chance to become relevant again.

Sentimental Charlotte groupies can finally spruce up their wardrobe without fear of ridicule, too. No more busting out the teal shorts and purple tanks for no reason. Coloring your chest a wondrous combination of purple and teal has merit again. That tattoo on your lower back is no longer a vagrant stamp; it's a badge of honor. 

Painting the city purple and teal isn't a form of rebellion; it's artistic support.

The Hornets are almost back, and they're bringing one of the most beloved color schemes in NBA history with them.

On that note, has anyone seen my adjustable cap with the purple brim from 1995?