The Top 15 Questions I Would Ask Drew Brees

Brian ScottAnalyst IMay 28, 2009

If I could sit down one-on-one with Drew Brees, I would probably come up with at least a million questions to ask him. Fortunately for the readers, I have narrowed it down to only fifteen:

1. You’re half-way through your six-year contract with the New Orleans Saints. What has your experience been like in New Orleans—both on and off the field?

2. It has been widely reported that you and your wife Brittany feel like you have found a home here in New Orleans. Could you see yourself retiring as a New Orleans Saint?

3. What are some of the ways that the Drew and Brittany Brees Dream Foundation has impacted the children of New Orleans, as well as around the country?

4. Which is the better Mardi Gras experience; being a spectator, or being the Grand Marshal of the Bacchus Parade? (Brees was given this honor in 2007. The Krewe of Bacchus, named for the god of wine, is a very popular parade that rolls on the Sunday prior to Fat Tuesday)

5. Do you agree with Reggie Bush’s prediction to Regis Philbin that this will be the year the Saints make it to the Super Bowl?

6. Which hurt more; losing the 2006 NFC Championship Game, your shoulder after the 2007 Pro Bowl, or falling 16 yards short of breaking Dan Marino’s single-season passing record last year?

7. Scouts have criticized your height throughout your career, but it hasn’t stopped you from becoming the top-rated quarterback in the NFL. Have you ever considered adding at least one more step to your drop to avoid having some of your passes swatted at the line?

8. Personal feelings aside, how do you feel the release of Deuce McAllister will affect your offense’s rushing attack this season?

9. How will the release of Mike Karney impact not only the success of the running game, but also your own protection in the pocket?

10. What is your confidence level in your offensive front this season? Do you see any immediate areas of improvement?

11. Do you feel that the coaching staff has set forth realistic goals for the team in 2009? 

12. The Saints have signed several offensive free agents in the offseason. What has been your impression of the new players so far?

13. You have now practiced against Gregg Williams’ new defense. What are the main differences you have seen as compared to Gary Gibbs’ defense?

14. You have obviously been the standout team leader since coming to New Orleans, and Sean Payton has made no secret that your leadership skills are a large part of why he wanted you as his starting quarterback. What other players, young or old, have seemed to step up and take leadership roles this offseason?

15. Much of the criticism levied at the Saints over the last two seasons have rested with the defense. What do you feel are key improvements the offense can make in order to finally get past the playoff drought?

I plan to actually interview Drew Brees this season, so please stay tuned for version two of this article, which will contain the answers to the preceding questions.