Bleacher Report's Official 2008 NFL Mock Draft: Picks 1-16

Sean Crowe@CroweKnowsSenior Writer IApril 20, 2008

With the NFL Draft just around the corner, we gathered some of our resident football experts to do Bleacher Report's very own official NFL mock draft.

Participating in the draft are David Williams, Kevan Lee, John Fennelly, Andrew Kneeland, Scott Serles, Rob Cologne, James Christensen, and myself.

The Miami Dolphins are on the clock!


Pick No. 1, Miami Dolphins.  Picking for the Dolphins, David Williams.

The Pick:  Jake Long, OT, Michigan


David W:  With the first selection, we pick Jake Long, the senior tackle out of the University of Michigan.

Andrew K: Why would Jake Long take less money and go to Miami, when he could take more money and go to the Rams or the Falcons?

Kevan L: He'll look good blocking for Ronnie Brown.  And Cleveland was successful last year in part because of Joe Thomas stabilizing the line. I think going with Long makes sense for a team with so many needs.

David W:  I'm not a huge fan of Long, but it's who they want.  Long got dominated by Gholston when they went head to head.

Scott S: That's true, he did.

James C: He is a pretty safe pick, and you CAN'T mess up the No. 1.  His floor is pretty high.

David W:  It's just...Robert Gallery and D'Brickashaw Ferguson haven't worked out for their teams.

John F:  Raiders and Jets?  What did you expect?


Pick No. 2, St. Louis Rams.  Picking for the Rams, Scott Serles.

The Pick: Glen Dorsey, DT, LSU


Scott S:  This may come as a surprise but the Rams select LSU DT Glen Dorsey.  You can't pass up the next Warren Sapp.

SeanMC:  I love Dorsey. I think he's the best player in the draft. A few months ago, I had him going No. 1 to the Dolphins.

David W: I think he'll be a GREAT NFL player.  His injury made him an unattractive candidate for No. 1, but he might be the best in this class.

SeanMC:  That's true, but even playing with injuries he's a beast.

Rob C:  Great pick! Great pick. Now Carriker can play where he should.

James C:  Carriker and Little can rush and Dorsey can eat guards.

Andrew K:  The Rams are probably going to move to the 3-4 defense, and Dorsey is a horrible fit in the 3-4.  Besides, DE should be a bigger priority for the Rams.

Scott S:  They're talking about moving Carriker to nose tackle instead of his natural DE position, Rams are on crack as usual.  No 3-4 defense in St. Louis under Haslett, not this season at least.

Andrew K:  Haslett has been quoted as saying that he wants to move to the 3-4 on a more "permanent basis." It doesn't matter that it may be next year, or the year after. Dorsey is still going to be there.


Pick No. 3, Atlanta Falcons.  Picking for the Falcons, SeanMC.

The Pick: Matt Ryan, QB, BC


SeanMC:  With the third pick in the NFL Draft, the Atlanta Falcons select Matt Ryan, QB out of Boston College.

Andrew K:  Ouch. What to do with the Ravens now...?

James C:  Ryan seems like a second rounder any other year.

Rob C:  I know that the popular QB is Ryan, but I really think Brohm is the guy.

SeanMC:  No love for Matt Ryan? I think what he did in BC with no talent around him is impressive.

Rob C: Nah...not really, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Falcons select him.

David W:  I'm not a fan of Ryan. I like the Kentucky guys: Brohm and Woodson.  Ryan threw a lot of interceptions.  But that's just me. Everyone else seems to be in love with him.

John F:  The Falcons need Ryan—and 44 other guys to go with him, now that you mention it.

Scott S:  Wow, Matt Ryan in the ATL. That's surprising. He'll lead the league in interceptions very soon.  SeanMC, I know you’re a Boston guy, but I am not sold on Ryan.  Henne is the best QB in the 2008 Draft.

Rob C: I like Henne too. He's No. 2 on my list.

Andrew K:  No love for Ryan coming from this corner.

SeanMC:  He carried the team though...his WRs couldn't get open against me.

Kevan L:  Hmm, Falcon WRs can't get open either.

David W:  I still don't know why there's no love for Andre Woodson.  He dominated the SEC.  Doesn't that count for something?


Pick No. 4, Oakland Raiders. Picking for the Oakland Raiders, Rob Calonge.

The Pick:  Chris Long, DE, Virginia


John F: No pressure.

Rob C: The Oakland Raiders would like to thank the Dolphins, Rams, and Falcons for not screwing up their draft. The Oakland Raiders select none other than Chris Long.

SeanMC: DeSean Jackson?

Rob C:  Al tried to draft Howie, but you know...

SeanMC:  In my defense, I did say in my mock that Chris Long was the guy they SHOULD take.

David W:  They'll probably end up taking Michael Beasley for his athletic ability.

Andrew K:  If Chris Long falls this far, I think I'll shoot myself in the lip...I had him going to Miami.

SeanMC:  I think he's going to Miami as well.  Did you hear their GM screw up at the press conference this week?

James C:  Or did he?  Don't underestimate the sneakiness.

Rob C:  I think in return for not drafting him, Parcells is going to get a great trade for Fabian Washington.


Pick No. 5, Kansas City Chiefs. Picking for the Chiefs, John Fennelly.

The Pick: Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC


John F:  I have Carl Peterson on the phone...just back from the tanning salon.  With the 5th selection, the Kansas City Chiefs - winner of Super Bowl IV - select Sedrick Ellis, DT Southern California.

David W:  Wow.

Rob C:  Didn't see that one coming.  I thought Clady was the pick.

Andrew K:  Stunner...

Scott S:  Good pick, I thought KC might go O-Line.

David W:  No Gholston?

Scott S:   What about Clady or B. Albert?

John F:  Those guys are too obvious.

James C:  Nice pick John. They can go O-line with the Vikings first rounder when they trade Allen.

Andrew K:  James, that deal looks dead.

James C:  Gotcha, Andrew... somebody will bite though.

John F:  Correct, James - they will get another No. 1 for Allen.

Kevan L:  The second coming of Ryan Sims?


Pick No. 6, New York Jets. Picking for the Jets, Kevan Lee.

The Pick: Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas


Kevan L:  New York Jets select RB Darren McFadden.

David W:  If the Jets don't take Gholston I don't know.  It's not just my Buckeye bias.   Or maybe it is?  Yeah, it probably is.

Kevan L:  Gholston was tempting, but McFadden is too big of a playmaker to ignore.

James C:  Bill Belichick is rubbing his hands together and smiling.

David W:  Kevan, aren't you a Pats guy?  Conspiracy theory here?

Kevan L:  You bet, there's a conspiracy theory.

Rob C: What are the Jets going to do about their D?

SeanMC:  The Jets think they're one or two players away from competing with the Patriots. They're off their rocker.  Plus, they've met with him four times in the last month. They're either throwing up a huge smokescreen, or they're taking him.

Scott S:  Yeah, the Jets are one or two players from competing with Miami for the top pick in 2009.

John F:  Wow, the Jets took a guy who can actually GET into the end zone?  You know, that area at each end of the field that has the team's logo painted on it?  McFadden and Brad Smith can run the Stanford band play.

Rob C:  I think Gholston is a better pick for the Jets, but you really can't lose either way.

Andrew K:  When they're in doubt, they can simply snap the ball to him, and let him do everything.

David W:  They will be happy with either McFadden or Gholston.

Andrew K:  They'd be happy with anybody...


Pick No. 7, New England Patriots. Picking for the Patriots, James Christensen.

The Pick: Vernon Gholston, OLB/DE, Ohio State


James C:   With the No. 7 pick in the NFL Draft, the New England Patriots select Vernon Gholston of the Ohio State University. He will continue to dominate Jake Long, now of the Miami Dolphins, but he gets to do it twice a year now.

Scott S:  Gholston will again get to humiliate Long as we Buckeye fans will rejoice once again.

Rob C:  I'm claiming East Coast bias...I don't why...just am.

SeanMC:  Gholston is a fantastic pick. I'm still leaning towards a trade though.

David W:  Great pick—Though I can't root for Gholston anymore now that he's on the Patriots.

SeanMC:  Wait, doesn't everyone love the Patriots?

Rob C:  Uhh...NO.  That was a fumble.

Scott S:  Not a chance here in St. Louis.

James C:  I really think we'll trade down, regardless if Gholston is there or not.

Kevan L:  If anyone will want to trade...

Rob C:  The Patriots always trade down for next year's No. 1 it seems.


Pick No. 8, Baltimore Ravens. Picking for the Ravens, Andrew Kneeland.

The Pick: Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy State


Andrew K:  Assuming that trades aren't available, the Ravens draft CB Leodis McKelvin of Troy State. They need a young cornerback sometime in this draft, but they need a quarterback worse. I guess they'll just have to settle for Henne or Flacco.

David W:  Good pick, but no Brohm?  They NEED a quarterback.

SeanMC:  Brohm has Chad Pennington written all over him. I'm not sure anyone NEEDS Chad Pennington.

Scott S:  Settle for Henne?  I am not sold on Brohm either.

James C:  They could probably trade back into the first round and take Brohm.

David W:  Very true.

Kevan L:  No Clady?

Andrew K:  I think Brohm will be available in the second round, but if he's not they'll be fine with Henne or Flacco. Like I said, I am almost positive that they trade out of this pick if Ryan isn't there.

David W:  I'd pick Andre' Woodson, but apparently he sucks now.

John F:  No, he sucked before, too.

Andrew K:  He just had an awful Combine, didn't he?

David W:  Look at his stats against the best competition in the country.  Should performance at the combine mean anything when he beats the best competition in the country?  He's a great football player.

Woodson destroyed Brohm head-to-head and played better against better competition, but he's suddenly not as good as Brohm?  He's 6-foot-5 with a strong arm and great accuracy (looking at TD/INT ratio)...what else do you want from a pro prospect?

Kevan L:  Who's to say that Troy Smith isn't their QB of the future?

Scott S:  Troy Smith will be the Ravens QB of the future, even if they pick Ryan.


Pick No. 9, Cincinnati Bengals. Picking for the Bengals, Rob C.

The Pick: Trevor Laws, DT, Notre Dame


Rob C:  I think it's probably too early for this pick, but they need to make it. Trevor Laws (perfect name) from Notre Dame DT.

John F:  Never too early...nice pick.

Scott S:  What?

David W:  Ummm, he's projected as a second/third rounder.

Andrew K: I didn't have Laws going in the first round.

James C:  What about Balmer?

Rob C:  I like Balmer, but he's a little too light to man the middle.

Kevan L:  Didn't the Bengals reach on Levi Jones a few years ago? Seems to have worked out.

SeanMC:  You're all acting like the Bengals wouldn't take a second/third rounder with the 9th pick.

Andrew K:  You got a point...


Pick No. 10, New Orleans Saints. Picking for the Saints, David W.

The Pick: Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas


David W:  Saints pick Aqub Talib, Kansas CB.

SeanMC:  I was rooting for Talib to end up in New England somehow.

James C:  Not picking on you David, but I think Talib is awful.  Just pop in tape of the KU vs. KSU game.

Scott S:  Talib is a player.

Rob C:  I would've taken Cromartie.


Pick No. 11, Buffalo Bills. Picking for the Bills, Scott S.

The Pick: Ryan Clady, OT, Boise State


Scott S:  With Clady falling the Bills can't pass him up. The Bills pick Ryan Clady at No. 11.

Rob C:  The Bills don't need him, though.

Kevan L:  You can never have enough good linemen.

Scott S:  They start Jason Peters and Langston Walker.

Rob C:  True.

David W:  Both are average tackles who get paid lots of money.

Rob C:  Yeah, but they allowed their fewest sacks since 1988 last year.

Andrew K:  Good pick. The Bills need almost anything but offensive tackle, but drafting the best player available isn't a bad choice.

Scott S:  I was going to take Jenkins from South Florida, but couldn’t pass up Clady.

Rob C:  Nobody blocks the run better than Walker...just threw up in my mouth typing that.

James C:  Can Walker play guard?

John F:  Security guard at WalMart.

James C:  I wouldn't steal from that 370-pound guy.

John F:  Of course not, he'll hold you.


Pick No. 12, Denver Broncos. Picking for the Broncos, Sean C.

The Pick: Keith Rivers, LB, USC


SeanMC:  With the No. 12 pick, the Broncos select Keith Rivers, LB, USC.  Their defense against the run is an abomination. They need defensive playmakers.

Rob C:  They want Clady, but they need linebackers too.

Scott S:  He'll be a 10-year NFL pro.

Andrew K:  I don't know...they need offensive tackles badly. I might have gone with Chris Williams here.  But knowing Shanahan, they won't draft an offensive lineman.

Kevan L:  Knowing Shanahan, they'll draft a QB.  Rivers is a steal here.


Pick No. 13, Carolina Panthers. Picking for the Panthers, Rob C.

The Pick:  DeSean Jackson, WR, California


Rob C:  I thought long and hard about this pick last night, I just finished up my mock draft over at, and I had them taking a guy who slid to them...a RB. So instead, the Panthers will select DeSean Jackson, WR, Cal.

John F:  No way.  Don't like it.

Scott S:  Huh?  Steve Smith?

Kevan L:  Couldn't you take Mendenhall?

Andrew K:  Jackson? I don't think so...

Rob C:  C'mon, Muhammad on the other side of Smith?

SeanMC:  Ha! A Raider fan just selected DeSean Jackson for another team? Fantastic!

David W:  No way Jackson goes here.  No way.

SeanMC:  Hey, I like DeSean.

David W:  I like him too.  But they won't take him.

Scott S:  Love DeSean, just not to Carolina.


Pick No. 14, Chicago Bears. Picking for the Bears, John F.

The Pick:  Jeff Otah, OT, Pittsburgh


John F:  The Bears take Jeff Otah, OT, Pittsburgh.

Scott S:  Back on track.

James C:  Blocking = good.

Rob C:  I like Otah.

SeanMC:  You know, I wasn't overly impressed with any of the tackles outside Long this year.

Andrew K:  Good pick. They can fight over Henne or Flacco later.

Rob C:  The folks in Salt Lake are bringing a lawsuit against him to make him change the name though.

SeanMC:  But the Bears either need a new running back or a new offensive line. So this is probably a good pick.

Kevan L:  Someone else's back for Cedric Benson to run into.


Pick No. 15, Detroit Lions. Picking for the Lions, Kevan L.

The Pick:  Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois.


Kevan L:  We were going to trade into the top 10 for DeSean Jackson...but...Detroit Lions select RB Rashard Mendenhall.

Scott S:  Mendenhall is awesome.

David W:  Mendenhall is a GREAT pick.

Andrew K:  Man, this is going nothing like what my mock draft looks like.

Scott S:  Andrew, you mean you didn't have Trevor Laws going at 9?

Rob C:  Stewart from Oregon is better.

Kevan L:  Stewart from Oregon is fragile.

John F:  Ray Rice, no?


Pick No. 16, Arizona Cardinals. Picking for the Cards, James C.

The Pick: Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona


James C:  With the 16th pick in the NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals select Arizona CB from Antoine Cason.

Cason's 3.5 ypa and solid tackling are more impressive than Rodgers-Cromartie—if it were Rodgers-Smith, he'd be going in the second round.

Rob C: made a good pick...I didn't think of him.  I agree about Cromartie.

SeanMC:  I love Cason.

Scott S:  Cason's a bit slow, but I still like the pick, with Martz and Saunders in the NFC West, the Cards need a CB.

Andrew K:  What about Jenkins?

SeanMC:  Jenkins is overrated.

David W:  Jenkins is better than Cason, in my opinion.

Rob C:  I agree, Jenkins is overrated. Cason is faster than his 40 time.

Scott S:  4.5 is what he ran at Combine.

David W:  40 doesn't mean everything.  Really, it shouldn't mean much.

Rob C:  Jerry Rice 4.58 at the combine

David W:  LenDale White's 40 was AWFUL, but he's a pretty good back in the NFL.

Rob C:  Yeah, when he's not acting like Cedric Benson.


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