Ryan Giggs' 10 Best TV Adverts

Ryan Bailey@ryanjaybaileyFeatured ColumnistNovember 29, 2013

Ryan Giggs' 10 Best TV Adverts

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    In case you haven't noticed the blanket media coverage, Ryan Giggs is now 40 years old.

    Since making his Manchester United debut in 1991, the Welshman has won 13 Premier League titles, two European Cups and more individual gongs than could ever fit on a single mantlepiece. 

    Giggs has also recorded a large number of TV adverts. Here are the 10 best.

Manchester United's Greatest Ever Side, 1995

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    Giggsy made plenty of memorable adverts with his sponsor Reebok in the 90s, but the best of them all is surely the 1995 clip which put him among Manchester United's all-time greats.

    Using the best special effects available at the time, Giggs was thrown into a game featuring Denis Law, George Best, Bobby Charlton and many more.  

    According to an episode of the BBC's How Do They Do That? in the late '90s, Giggs' parts were filmed at Selhurst Park and the team in white were all Wimbledon youth players.

    The superb curling shot at the end was the hardest to film, apparently taking upwards of four hours to get the camera angle and Giggs' shot perfectly synchronised. 

Giggs' Alternate Career

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    Around the time of the 'greatest Manchester United team ever' clip, Reebok also put out a series looking at what their sponsored footballers would be doing if they weren't footballers.

    It was based on national stereotypes, so Peter Schmeichel was a Danish pig farmer, Dennis Bergkamp worked in a cheese factory and Ryan Giggs sold daffodils on the side of the road.  

    Using his De Niro-esque acting chops, Giggs suggests that without his wonderful choice of boot manufacturer, he would never have amounted to anything.

    There's a joke to be made about the girl he was waiting for at the cinema not turning up and his brother, but I won't go there. 

The Back Garden World Cup Final

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    Despite representing England as a schoolboy, Giggs chose to align his loyalty to the Welsh national team, thus condemning him to a career devoid of any international tournaments.

    This decision meant the closest he would get to playing during a World Cup summer would be in his own back garden, a cheeky premise that was used in a 2006 Reebok commercial.

    His technique at beating the barbecue and getting past the chairs and table to score the winner against England really is second to none.  

    This campaign also featured a clip where Giggs tries to join a kids' game in the park, but no one seemed to even recognise him. 

Keep-Ups at Home

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    The back garden World Cup clip wasn't the first time Reebok played on Giggs' summer boredom.

    During the 2002 tournament, he decided not to watch Costa Rica and Turkey battle it out on TV, instead choosing to break his own keep-up record around his empty, cavernous home. 

Johnny Vegas and Monkey's Cleaner

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    Monkey (or "Monkeh," as Johnny Vegas would pronounce it) was a popular advertising puppet created by the Jim Henson Company and used in campaigns for ITV Digital and PG Tips.

    Here, Monkey and his buddy Al are shilling for the TV network when it's revealed that their house cleaner is Ryan Giggs, dressed up in marigolds, a lovely apron and full Manchester United kit.

    If the two housemates could afford a Premier League footballer to wash their dishes, perhaps they should have tried to keep ITV Digital from going bust.   

Loudly Swallowing Tomato Juice in Japan

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    Earlier this year, Giggsy and a few of his Manchester United teammates starred in a bizarre Japanese commercial for Kagome tomato juice.

    Here's a challenge: See how many times you can watch it without being utterly revolted by the gulping noises. 

Hardcore Quorn

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    Skip to 1:02 to see the clip

    One of the keys to Giggs' longevity is his monastic diet: He deliberately denies himself foods he likes and recently admitted that he'll still stick with water and pasta when friends and former colleagues are hitting the red wine on a night out. 

    He probably doesn't eat a lot of burgers, but in 1995, he extolled the faux-meat virtues of Quorn. 

Competitive Gift-Giving with Thierry Henry

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    In the buildup to the 2009 Champions League Final, Reebok posed a situation where Barcelona's Thierry Henry and Giggs endlessly reciprocated gifts to one another, each reminding the other about which team they play for.

    At the end, Giggs delivers Henry a Champions League trophy, which is exactly what his team did to Barcelona at the Stadio Olimpico.  

Destroying Buildings in Malaysia

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    Whenever Giggs is in Malaysia, he is free to enjoy the mobile network provided by Celcom thanks to this 2010 commercial spot.

    However, he might not be quite so welcome if he continues to destroy buildings and cause mass devastation with his ball. 

The Star-Studded Tribute

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    One of the best Ryan Giggs adverts doesn't actually feature the man himself.

    In 1996, the likes the Tom Jones, Sting, Richard Attenborough, Jarvis Cocker, Reeves and Mortimer, and "Statto" from Fantasy Football League all enacted their fantasies of what it would be like to be in Giggs' boots.  

    Perhaps the most poignant moment is when George Best pulls on the shirt and says his name. 

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