Oregon State Kicker Trevor Romaine Explains His Epic Duck Dynasty Beard

Kyle Kensing@kensing45Contributor INovember 30, 2013


Oregon State junior kicker Trevor Romaine was a social media sensation during Friday's Civil War rivalry game at Oregon. Fox Sports 1 cameras caught a shirtless Romaine warming up in white sunglasses with a meticulously manicured torso. Romaine, a native of Corona, Calif., said he was going for "the bikini look."

But what had Twitter lighting up was Romaine's beard, the sculpting of which has become something of a pregame ritual. His performance in the Beavers' 36-35 loss lived up to the hype of the beard—Romaine connected on both his extra-point attempts and hit field goals of 18, 37 and 47 yards.

Romaine has another season in Corvallis, Ore., and after that, the NFL may have to learn to fear the beard.


Bleacher Report: What inspired the beard?

Trevor Romaine: Nothing really; it just came out of nowhere. I started growing it in July, and then it just kept going. I got too lazy to shave it. After a while, I just thought, "I'm going to keep it for the rest of the season."


B/R: With the bowl game coming up, are you going to do anything with it?

TR: I haven't decided. My holder, Tim McMullen, he usually helps me decide with the ideas. But I haven't decided yet.


B/R: [Oregon State] has the tradition with the chainsaw [carried onto the field goal before home games]...do you think you could get on the front of the [2014] media guide with the chainsaw for the lumberjack theme?

TR: That'd be great. I'll have to talk to [head] coach [Mike] Riley about that. I hadn't thought about that.


B/R: The chest hair: Was that in the shape of a goal post?

TR: I didn't really intend for it to look like a goal post. It was more of a bikini look, but with the little extra [hair] going down the middle of my stomach, it looked like a goal post. So I'm fine with either/or, bikini or goal post.


B/R: The fact you're getting attention right now...it's something unique, how is that for you?

TR: It's actually pretty cool [laughs]. I love it. And the fact I had a pretty good game last night, too, really helps it. It looks as though I'm having fun and not being a distraction to the team or being too crazy. It's cool.


B/R: With the tough loss [to Oregon], how do you shake that off heading into the postseason?

TR: We've been having a lot of ups and downs in the past month or so, and we played a really great game last night. I don't think it's really shaking off the loss, but using how we played the entire game against a team like Oregon and using it as motivation that we can play like that, so why not carry it over into the bowl game?


B/R: The long beard right now is kind of synonymous in pop culture with [the A&E TV series] Duck Dynasty. Did anyone mention that with the Civil War and you playing the Ducks?

TR: [laughs] No, a lot of people said I'm starting to get the Duck Dynasty beard, but nobody connected Duck Dynasty with the Civil War and playing the Ducks.