Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets: Full Roster Report Card Grades for New York

Ryan Alfieri@Ryan_AlfieriCorrespondent IIIDecember 2, 2013

Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets: Full Roster Report Card Grades for New York

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    Another week, another blowout loss for the Jets, who have yet to win a game since Week 9. 

    Somehow, the offense managed to look even worse this week than they did the week before. After throwing just four completions and one interception, Geno Smith was benched at halftime. His replacement, Matt Simms, was hardly better, helping the Jets score just three points in the second half. 

    If the Jets want to keep their head coach employed for next season, they will need to make a lot of adjustments over the next month of the season. 

    Here are this week's roster grades following the loss to the Miami Dolphins.


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    Geno Smith: F

    The decline of Geno Smith has managed to somehow get worse, as Smith was benched at halftime after throwing just four completions and one interception. 

    Smith has had some bad games, but he was never as bad as Smith was in the first half of this game.

    Smith was not given a lot of help from his line or his receivers, but he made bad decisions and missed wide-open receivers. Smith's confidence was completely shot; he hardly resembles the player that was so levelheaded in the early stages of the season. 


    Matt Simms: C-

    Simms was put in a difficult position to try and jumpstart the Jets' offense against a very good Dolphins defense, but he was only slightly more effective. The Jets scored just three points in the second half under Simms' leadership. 

    Simms has a big arm, but like Smith, he struggles a bit when reading defenses. What Simms did prove was that Geno Smith is not the only problem with the Jets' offense. 

Running Backs

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    Bilal Powell: B-

    Powell got most of his work on third down in pass protection, where he was at least adequate. 

    Most of his rushing yardage came late in the game, but he was rather effective in doing so. He averaged 4.9 yards on seven carries and added 25 more yards on three receptions.


    Chris Ivory: B+

    Running with a bad ankle, Ivory did not tone down his physicality one bit. He was the only source of offense for the Jets at times, generating 61 yards on 12 carries (5.1 average). 

    Ivory was responsible for the biggest play of the day for the Jets: a 32-yard run. Given his bad ankle, Ivory was the most impressive offensive player for the Jets by a significant margin.

Wide Receivers

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    David Nelson: C-

    With just three receptions for 37 yards, Nelson was the Jets' top wide receiver on the day. He dropped a pass in garbage time, but he would have generated a big play early in the game had Geno Smith not missed him so badly. 


    Stephen Hill: D

    Hill finally caught a pass for the first time in over a month—a two-yard bubble screen. He gets a "D" this week almost out of pity, because his lack of productivity has been alarmingly bad. 

    In his defense, there was at least one instance where he was open, but Geno Smith simply did not see him. 


    Greg Salas: C

    Acting as the third receiver, Salas showed off some speed on some screen passes, but one was called back because of Willie Colon's block in the back. He has been a solid midseason pickup so far. 


    Santonio Holmes: N/A

    Holmes was active, but there is no clear reason why. He got a very limited amount of snaps, as the Jets were cautiously trying to get him involved without flaring up his hamstring.

    He finished with no catches, and the Jets would have been better off just giving him the week off. 

Tight Ends

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    Kellen Winslow: C+

    Winslow was one of the few somewhat-productive receivers on the day, finishing with three catches for 27 yards.

    He should have been more involved in the gameplan, though, as the Jets could not generate any offense with any other of their tight ends or slot receivers. 


    Jeff Cumberland: F

    Finishing with just six yards on one catch, Cumberland has yet to convince anyone that he is a capable No. 1 (or even No. 2) tight end. The Jets need him to be more productive as a security blanket for Geno Smith (or whoever plays quarterback), especially in Jeremy Kerley's absence. 

Offensive Line

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    Pass Protection: C-

    To no surprise, the Jets struggled mightily in pass protection, especially when it came to picking up the blitz. They allowed four sacks (three on Mat Simms, one on Geno Smith) on the day.

    However, as bad as they were against the blitz, they were a bit better in one-on-one situations. At times, many of the sacks the Jets' quarterbacks took were a result of them holding onto the ball for too long, not the line being too leaky. 

    Still, this is an area where the Jets need to make a lot of adjustments in order to get better, because the rest of the league now knows that the way to stop the Jets' offense is to blitz them.


    Run-Blocking: B

    Meanwhile, the run-blocking appeared to be a big better than it was a week ago. Both Bilal Powell and Chris Ivory averaged over four yards per carry, despite going against a rather strong defensive front for the Dolphins. 

    It didn't make a difference on the scoreboard, but the Jets are at least showing some improvement in an offensive area (or at least not getting worse). 

Defensive Ends

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    Muhammad Wilkerson: B+

    Wilkerson was a bit disappointing rushing the passer, as he failed to record a sack, despite going against a shoddy offensive line for the Dolphins. 

    He did a good job holding up gaps in the running game, but he was not quite as explosive in the backfield as he usually is, only recording four tackles in the game. 


    Sheldon Richardson: B+

    Like Wilkerson, Richardson failed to get a sack in a good situation against a bad offensive line, but he was very good against the run. He finished with five tackles, including a tackle-for-loss. 


    Leger Douzable:

    Douzable only had three tackles, but the defense did not see a noticeable drop-off when he was in the game. He even had his second kick return of the season. 

Defensive Tackles

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    Damon Harrison: A-

    The Jets allowed a bit more on the ground than usual, as the Dolphins topped 100 yards as a team. Harrison, however, was on the field for much longer than he should have been and was worn down by the end of the game. 

    Still, he had a strong game overall, limiting the Dolphins' running backs to under four yards per carry.


    Kenrick Ellis: B-

    Ellis was called for an offsides penalty, but he was a part of a solid run defense that did not allow a lot of big runs inside. 


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    David Harris: A

    Harris was arguably the best Jet on the field. He was absolutely dominant against the run, amassing 13 tackles (including seven solo tackles). 

    His best play came when he blew through a pile to stop a screen pass on third down that may have saved a huge play from occurring early in the game. 


    Demario Davis: A-

    While he was not quite as good as Harris against the run, Demario Davis had a very good game in his own right.

    He finished with 10 tackles, including a tackle-for-loss, and was a big reason why Lamar Miller did not explode for many long runs.


    Quinton Coples: A-

    Coples was the Jets best pass-rusher of the afternoon. He finished with "just" one sack, but he was getting consistent pressure that forced Ryan Tannehill out of the pocket. 

    He also made a few plays against the run, adding a tackle-for-loss to his total.


    Calvin Pace: B-

    Pace had a typical, mundane game, playing well against the run without making much of an impact as a pass-rusher.

    He allowed Lamar Miller to break contain on a few stretch plays and only amassed two tackles all game long, but he did his job more often than not. 


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    Dee Milliner: F

    Once again, the Jets' top draft pick was sent to the bench, the third time that has happened to him this season. 

    Milliner actually started out having a so-so game, breaking up some passes while giving up some completions. However, he completely lost it when he had horrendous technique while covering Mike Wallace, who turned a simple hitch route into a touchdown after breaking Milliner's tackle. 

    Milliner should not be called a "bust" for another season, but the Jets have to be concerned about the play of their top-rated rookie. 


    Antonio Cromartie: D

    Clearly, Antonio Cromartie was nowhere near close to being healthy. He was laboring to change direction all game long, which led him to have to overplay the deep ball at the cost of allowing a lot of underneath completions. 

    While we have an explanation for this week's debacle, he should not have been out on the field in the first place. 


    Darrin Walls: A-

    Walls entered the game in place of Milliner, and the pass defense quickly improved. Walls was rarely beat in coverage, and he made a spectacular play on special teams while covering a punt.

    He deserves to be on the field a lot more.


    Kyle Wilson: B

    Wilson continues to play well under-the-radar. He was very solid covering receivers in the slot, and he was solid in run support. 


    Ellis Lankster: C

    Lankster saw a lot of playing time in the slot, with unspectacular results. He gave up a long completion and should be regulated to special teams duties.


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    Ed Reed: C

    Reed did not allow any huge plays over his head, but he was assisted by the Jets using a lot more Cover 2 looks. Meanwhile, he whiffed on a tackle on Brian Hartline's touchdown that put the game out of reach.

    So far, Reed has played at about the same level he was at before Houston released him.


    Dawan Landry: B-

    This was a bit of a mixed bag for Landry.

    While he was very good against the run with a team-high 14 tackles, one of the reasons why he got so many tackles was because he gave up few long completions to Charles Clay. 

    However, also like Reed, Landry prevented any big plays over his head, which is exactly what the Cover 2 is designed to do.


    Antonio Allen: N/A

    Once again, because of Ed Reed's presence, Allen only had a handful of snaps, which is criminal based on how well he has played up until this point.

    The Jets are only hurting themselves by keeping him on the bench. 

Special Teams

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    Nick Folk: A-

    Not much was asked of Folk, as he only attempted one kick, but he was flawless nonetheless.

    He did, however, allow a pair of quality returns from Marcus Thigpen in the return game. 


    Ryan Quigley: B

    Quigley had another busy day with seven punts. He avoided any disastrous shanks, but he gave Marcus Thigpen a lot of room to make some great returns, including a 25-yard dash.