Musings of an Angry Black Man: The Real Reason Manny Is Suspended and More

Gem JeffersonSenior Analyst IMay 29, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 30:  Portrait of Manny Ramirez #99 of the Los Angeles Dodgers during batting practice before the game between the San Francisco Giants at Dodger Stadium on April 30, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

I'm not actually angry; I saw a Tyler Perry commercial and I ran with it.

Let's Go!


Mike Brown

You ever get the feeling that Mike Brown doesn't really "coach" LeBron James?

How many times have you seen him reprimand James for jacking up those ridiculous threes?

Let Anderson Varejao take one of those shots though, see what happens!

Brown is a witness, too, apparently. Man up and coach the King, dammit.


Orlando Magic

Uh oh.

That's deep, I know. We better clean up in Orlando tomorrow.

Shaq was right about Syracuse Lacrosse, but will he be right about Stan Van Gundy? I hope not, but the Big Nostradamus never lies.


Jemele Hill

Been following her on Twitter for a while and I've come to realize..."she's black like me" and doesn't care who knows.

Love it.


Tom Brady

Glad he's the QB dominating my TV as opposed to that other guy whose name I won't mention... look how Favre we've come (Crap! I mentioned him).


Joe Mauer

Show me the test results!!



Manny Ramirez

No one has seemed to figure it out besides me.

Did anyone bother to Google (product placement; waiting for my G2 in the mail) what female fertility drugs REALLY do for males?

He's trying to enhance his performance, just not on the field. That sounds like a "personal medical issue" to me.

Why doesn't he just say that? Would you?!

Imagine the headlines:

"One of the greatest hitters of all time...his wife begs to differ"

"Just not swinging it like he used to..."

"A swing and a Mrs...."

The media's ruthless. I'd rather be a supposed 'roid user than an impotent/inefficient lover any day...take THAT to the bank.


Chauncey Billups

He did the one thing Allen Iverson couldn't do: make Carmelo Anthony the second most important person on the team.

Anthony is the best scorer on the team, yes, but Billups makes the system go, and we're privileged to watch the Bad Boy Pistons...errr...Nuggets in action.

I'm rooting for Kobe, but quietly proud of Billups and would LOVE to see him win another Finals MVP in another uniform.

Denver should be toasting Joe Dumars for trading his only "untouchable" player (at least he should've been). I'm sure Denver would've taken Rip Hamilton too.


Michael Vick

Yeah he'll play again. Won't be for long, but he'll play.

He's faster than 4/5 of your team and stronger than your QB. And now with the wildcat becoming trendy (will be gone in two seasons due to old school thinking), Vick, Pat White, and Tim Tebow will be on 3 of SC's Top 10 (not often, but they'll be there).


Thank you for joining me in the first edition of the Musings. Want to add to it? Don't like what you read? Voice it.

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