Report: Denver Broncos Head Coach Checked into Hospital as 'Johnny Drama'

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterDecember 10, 2013

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You can say this much about John Fox—the man handles adversity with a wink and a fist pump.

The Denver Broncos head coach underwent heart surgery in November and, according to Ryan Parker of The Denver Post, bided his time in the hospital under the fake name “Johnny Drama.”

Parker reports that Fox rested up from his aortic valve replacement surgery in a North Carolina hospital and was registered under the name of the goofy Entourage character.  

DENVER, CO - DECEMBER 8:  Head Coach John Fox of the Denver Broncos hugs safety Mike Adams #20 of the Denver Broncos before a game against the Tennessee Titans at Sports Authority Field on December 8, 2013 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Get
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For the non Entourage-inclined, Johnny Drama was a mainstay character on the hit HBO show, portrayed by actor Kevin Dillon.

Drama was a lovable numbskull and a goofy brother of the show’s protagonist, Vincent Chase. He was vain, brash and harbored a crippling insecurity about the definition and size of his calves. 

In other words, Johnny Drama and John Fox are nothing alike—that is, if you don’t consider how both are named John and lead lives inundated with dramatic happenings.

Indeed, Fox’s life over the past season or so has been a slalom course of gripping events. His week-to-week job has involved shepherding the highest-scoring offense in the NFL, and the complications concerning his pre-existing heart condition took things to a dire, life-threatening level. 

After a month away from the team, he returned to the sideline Sunday and coached his squad to a 51-28 trouncing of the Tennessee Titans

Things are looking up for Fox, who fought through his health issues and earned himself the coolest coach nickname in the league while doing so.

Even Jerry Ferrara (the actor who played "Turtle" on Entourage) is excited about Fox’s new nickname. 

Congratulations on getting back in the game, Johnny Drama. Now, the only question is: Will your season finale occur in February?


Back in the game? He is the game, pal.