Sports Fans Who Are Better Dancers Than You

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistDecember 11, 2013

Sports Fans Who Are Better Dancers Than You

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    Here's a true, random fact about my dad.

    When he was in his mid-20s, with all the rage from the movie Saturday Night Fever and the popular club Studio 54, he wanted to pursue a career in dancing—yes, you read that right.

    Of course, after telling this to my grandpa, the idea quickly got shot down with a simple, "There's no money in that," which promptly smashed the dreams that my dad had of looking like John Travolta every night.

    All said, my dad's still a pretty good dancer, but he probably made a wise career choice.

    But as much as he can move on the wooden planks when the music's turned up, he wouldn't stand a chance against some of the sports fans whom we've seen dancing in the stands.

    Then again, none of us would—just look at some of the moves these people have.

LSU Tigers Fan, Caleb Bates

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    I've been out of college for more than six years now, but there's no way that dudes are busting out the T-Rex on girls at the clubs these days, right?

    After seeing LSU fan Caleb Bates do it on national TV following a Tigers touchdown against Alabama earlier this year, though, maybe I'm wrong.

    Whether it's the go-to move of bros everywhere or just something unique to Bates, I'm not sure it has any room in the stands—although it does take some confidence to own it like he did.

New York Knicks Fan, Trent Brown

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    White men might not be able to jump, but New York Knicks fan Trent Brown showed that they might be able to dance. He showed his entire repertoire during halftime in Madison Square Garden a few years ago.

    I'm not sure what the prerequisites were to compete in this thing, but I have to think that Trent wasn't just a beer-chugging, channel-surfing slob who just got handpicked out of the word.

    I mean, I'm pretty active, and I wouldn't have the flexibility—or balls—to do the stuff that he did.

Vancouver Canucks Fan

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    I'm not sure what this kid wants to be when he grows up, but with a catalog of different dances at his disposal, he could become the next Justin Timberlake.

    Starting with the typical flailing arms, he goes directly into every white guy's favorite moves, the sprinkler and the robot.

    He may not have busted out the shopping cart, but I'm sure he has it saved up for the next time that the cameras find him shaking it in the stands.

Houston Astros Fan

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    While this girl might not be a better dancer than you or me, she gets props for not being afraid to become her own choreographer and doing a little hand jig during a Houston Astros game late last season.

    The reporter tried to mimic them after the girl got caught by TV cameras, but she didn't even come close to having the sweet style of the original fan.

    She had that "don't mess with me" face going on, making her hard to beat.

Indianpolis Colts Fan

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    Seeing how this guy is wearing a ski cap, he probably just wanted to get out of his seat to swerve a little bit behind the unexpected Tennessee Titans cheerleader in an effort to stay warm.

    Armed with the exact hip-moving, pom-pom-shaking skills as the cheerleader, this Indianapolis Colts fan showed that you don't need to be lean and pretty to be a good dancer—though I personally prefer them to be.

Ottawa Senators Fan

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    This video is just hilarious.

    Perking up as soon as this Ottawa Senators fan realizes that it's Rebecca Black's awful, addictive song "Friday," he decides it's time to let it all out.

    He's not bashful at showing everyone in the arena that he probably practices these moves a few times alone in his bedroom, really getting the crowd behind him.

    And in case this guy's little dance got stale, he has a new Black song—appropriately called "Saturday"— that he can put some moves to.

Seattle Mariners Fan

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    Anytime people try dancing to a classic Michael Jackson song—especially one with a killer dance like "Thriller"—they immediately set themselves up for a rotten response since "The King of Pop" just can't be duplicated.

    Seeing this young Seattle Mariners fan try his best to keep up is fun, though, as he spares no substitutes in basically performing the entire dance routine.

    Congrats, kidyou've got future middle school talent show winner written all over you.

Pittsburgh Penguins Fan

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    Journey may have told us exactly what happens "When The Lights, Go Down," but this Pittsburgh Penguins fan had other suggestions based off what he showed during a power outage at the arena a couple of seasons ago.

    Absolutely tearing it up to one of my all-time hated songs, "Cotton-Eye Joe," he shows that just because the hockey game that everyone came to see was delayed, fans could still be entertained.

Vancouver Canucks Fan, Jack Millos

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    I'm not sure if something is in the water in Vancouver or not, but given the fact I already featured another young fan shaking it in the aisles, it looks like the pre-emptive spot to become famous for breaking it down.

    This time, the moves are from Jack Millos, who shows that, even though he probably doesn't know what 5x5 is, he knows all the words to LMFAO's "Sexy And I Know It."

    I love a couple of things about this kid.

    First, he's up in a suite, which is usually where the bouji fans sit to enjoy the perks of free food and drinks. They don't really get into the game as much—but not Jack.

    And two, he got to meet Canucks defenceman Dan Hamhuis for not being shy about his moves, which has to be supercool for a kid who is probably in the third or fourth grade.

    Cheers, Jack. Keep doing your thing.

Penn State Hockey Fan, Devon Fields

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    Can somebody please sign this guy up to be a mascot, hype man or any position involving team motivation?

    Penn State Nittany Lions hockey fan Devon Fields showed that he had all the moves during a game a few weeks ago once Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" came on.

    Instead of being bashful by just doing a head jerk when he found himself on the big screen, Fields decided to strut up and down the rows and get other fans involved.

    Anytime other spectators are giving you high-fives for doing something, that usually means you're doing something cool—and Fields absolutely killed it here.

Los Angeles Dodgers Fan

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    I know that this Los Angeles Dodgers fan got escorted out for breaking into a dance on top of the visiting St. Louis Cardinals dugout during this year's NLCS, but I applaud him/her for getting up there and not holding back.

    If official mascots can jump on top of a dugout to boogie down, why can't a fan dressed as a bear? Is this something MLB should look into changing?

    I think so.

    Maybe it's time for PETA to look into this as animal cruelty, because after doing a few splits and getting the crowd hyped up, this bear wasn't treated with much respect.

Washington Wizards Fan

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    Just when you thought that they stopped serving beers for the night, this old dude somehow found his way onto the Jumbotron with one of the most hilarious dances I've ever seen from a guy with white hair.

    Who knows how old he actually is, but with moves like that, he's probably got the young ladies knocking down his door for a little action at the club.

    Seeing how the hometown Wizards were losing 97-78 to the LA Lakers when he busted out his moves, the fans still left in the building were probably appreciative to cheer for something.

Charlotte Bobcats Fan

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    Ever since the Charlotte Bobcats were established in 2004, fans haven't had a whole lot to cheer about.

    Sure, the greatest basketball player alive—Michael Jordanmight be the owner of the team, but he seems mostly clueless.

    But this Bobcats fan showed that at least one person around the organization isn't clueless—well, at least when it comes to dancing. He busted out a near flawless Michael Jackson impersonation to "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough."

Kate Upton

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    OK, so Kate Upton might not be your average fan. She's blessed with an insanely nice body and a face that no dude can stop looking at, but that doesn't mean she wasn't just a fan at this Los Angeles Clippers game a few years ago.

    As great as she was at showing us how to dougie, this pales in comparison to her "Cat Daddy" moves that had every guy fall deeply in love with her.

Boston Celtics Fan, Daylon Trotman

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    If you're looking for a good role model to steal some dance moves from, I recommend following the lead of seven-year-old Daylon Trotman because he has just about every single move in the book.

    Becoming a local celeb a few years back after being seen on the Jumbotron getting down to Soulja Boy, Daylon might not be old enough to hit the club yet, but I wouldn't put it past him that he'd be the best dancer if he found his way in.

    Even after some local press, Ellen DeGeneres thought it would be a good idea to invite the youngster on her show. He accepted and basically danced the whole time he was there.

Vancouver Canucks' "Green Men"

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    If you're a sports fan, I'm guessing you know who the "Green Men" are.

    They're a couple of diehard, great dancing fans of the Vancouver Canucks who show up next to the penalty box at home games to distract visiting players once they've been tossed in the sin bin.

    Displaying some of the most bizarre moves ever, it's good that they wear the spandex suits. Otherwise, they might not be as nimble with their moves.

    These guys are so popular that the NHL actually tried to ban some of their antics a few years ago—which has been lightly enforced.

Detroit Pistons Fans, Antwain Alexander and Shannon Sales

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    Seeing how these two Detroit Pistons fans have been in the news recently, I'm sure you've seen what they've got anytime music is playing.

    First battling in the stands on the Jumbotron during a Pistons-Knicks game late last month, 11-year-old Antwain Alexander and 46-year-old Shannon Sales were put to the test on Jimmy Kimmel to decide once and for all who the winner was in their dance off.

    I'm not here to hand out the trophy for the best dancer though—mainly because I'm too busy trying to learn some of the things they did.

Boston Celtics Fan, Jeremy Fry

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    No shame.

    That's about all you can say about Boston Celtics fan Jeremy Fry after witnessing the most epic sports fan dance in the history of bleacher boogies.

    It starts with, whom I suppose to be his mom hitting his leg to let him know that the spotlight is all his—and dammit, did he live it up.

    Going from his midsection seats down to near the floor, he got everyone sitting in an aisle seat involved, even planting a big wet kiss on a stranger's head—bold move.

    Every time I watch this, I can't help but get a huge grin on my face and wonder if anyone will ever overtake him atop the dancing pedestal?

    Hell, he even helped bolster Bon Jovi's popularity—how many fans can claim that?