Oakland Raiders:They Are Not Predictable Anymore

Randy LavelleCorrespondent IMay 30, 2009

ALAMEDA, CA - MAY 08:  The Oakland Raiders huddle together during the Raiders minicamp at the team's permanent training facility on May 8, 2009 in Alameda, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Opponents will stack the box against the Raiders and the Raiders will have many plays to counter that.Bringing Paul Hackett and Ted Tollner means that the passing game will come alive for the Raiders once again

Imagine JaMarcus heading under center with Bush at tailback,Neal in front of him,Macfadden lining in the slot with Chaz and DHB lining up at receivers.

The opposing D stacking the box playing the run(which is what every team did last year).JaMarcus sees this and calls an adubile at the line.

JaMarcus sounds the cadence and center hikes the ball.JaMarcus turns to hand off to,but fakes and rolls to the right and fires down field to DHB blazing down the field.

The defense bites on the run,but realize to late that it's a pass play.Meanwhile the ball is being lasered down field in DHB's direction.DHB has his cover man beat by 3 steps and runs under JaMarcus's pass for a catch for a TOUCHDOWN!

Next time the Raiders get the ball,the opponents play as though the Raiders are going to pass.JaMarcus sets at the line and hands the ball off to Bush with Neal bowling over linebackers clearing a path for Bush to gain 10 yards for a 1st down.

If opposing teams think they can perdict what the Raiders will do,think again.With the rising stock of the Macfadden,Bush,Miller and the opertunity of the young talent of our recieving corps and not much film on them,the raiders will not be predictable this year.

Many speculate that Davis is going to bring back the air attack of old.I don't.I think they will bring it back,but only to a limited degree.The Raiders will bring what works and if means short passes or if it means the long ball you can bet they will bring it.

Last year in training camp,JaMarcus got comfortable with Drew Carter and had a great camp until he got hurt.That was a huge setback for JaMarcus because of the work that was put in between the two.

This year,JaMarcus will have a chance to gel with his young and hungry receiving corps.He will work to get the timing,the accuracy,and the touch right.

With the addition of Paul Hackett,you can bet that he will have Russell ready to prove that he is the man in Oakland.This is Russell's chance to shine so he better make the best of it with Garcia eager to take over.

Macfadden should have a big year if he can avoid injury.I can't imagine any linebacker covering him when he's in the slot(way to much speed).If Russell can manage to slow the power down on his passes when needed,i see many yards for Macfadden in the future.

If you think any tream has us firgured out,you better guess again.Tom Cable had the Raiders finishing strong last year.He finally got his team in believing that they could win.

This is one hungry to team with a lot to prove.JaMarcus has to prove he can be "the guy".Macfadden has to prove he can stay healthy,miller has to prove he can continue at a high level,DHB and Mike Mitchell has to prove "The Experts" wrong,Neal has to prove he's not to old,The offensive line has to prove they can keep their QB healthy,and the defense has to prove it was Rob Ryan's scheme that didn't work and they CAN play the Run.

I think they CAN prove it all and WILL.One thing is for sure,They will play there hearts out for Tom Cable,because he's got them believing in themselves and that they can win.