AJ Lee Draws Negative Reaction After Backstage Incident at Tribute to the Troops

Chris FeatherstoneFeatured ColumnistDecember 15, 2013


AJ Lee—the skippy, eccentric, "crazy" chick that has become the face of the Divas division in 2013—has taken a significant role in reviving the division after Kaitlyn tried and failed. Although her prominence is slightly being eclipsed by the Total Divas show, at least she remains the heel Diva that babyfaces such as Brie Bella and Natalya are chasing in hopes of winning the championship.

So, AJ has done a great job over the past couple of years developing her character into the girl that many guys want but is too crazy to commit to. Ask Daniel Bryan, Kane, John Cena, Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk. Except, Punk did decide to commit to her outside of WWE cameras. However, I am sure he did not know that kayfabe and reality would ominously intermingle. 

According to F4WOnline via WrestlingInc., sports personality Michelle Beadle was chatting with friend CM Punk during the filming of the annual Tribute to the Troops WWE special. This caused AJ Lee to cause a scene and yell obscenities to Beadle, acting out her jealousy-laden fury. Beadle, of course was not comfortable with this kind of WWE welcome, commenting on Twitter about the incident:

Beadle further addressed the situation again on her Twitter account early Sunday night:

Most importantly, WWE was not happy with this incident as well, and AJ Lee is expected to receive a backlash from it.

However, the only thing that would seem to happen would be her losing the Divas title to Natalya and becoming a jobber for a period of time. WWE is in strong need of a top heel Diva, and unless one of the Bella twins turns heel, Summer Rae, Aksana, Alicia Fox or Rosa Mendes are all insufficient at this time to lead the division.

It does make sense for AJ Lee to receive some kind of punishment for what happened. Obviously, her on-screen character bleeds into real life, and for such a public-relations-laced event such as Tribute to the Troops, every Superstar must be on their best behavior to represent the company well. 

However, obviously none of this meant anything to AJ Lee when another woman was talking to "her man."

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