If Les Miles Left LSU, Who Would Replace Him?

Jake Martin@JakeMartinSECCorrespondent IIIDecember 19, 2013

If Les Miles Left LSU, Who Would Replace Him?

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    LSU head coach Les Miles isn't going anywhere for a very long time. The Mad Hatter is as loyal as they come, and he proved that in 2007 when Michigan came calling for Miles to return to his beloved alma mater. 

    If Michigan isn't getting Miles to change venues, no team will. Miles loves Louisiana, and though it can be a love-hate relationship, Louisiana loves Miles back. 

    However, seeing that it's a dead period for college football and obviously other universities are making changes, wouldn't it be entertaining to imagine a different head coach at the helm of LSU? Come on, it's the internet. Why not explore such a hypothetical possibility?

    For amusement's sake, who would be the best candidate to replace Miles if he ever retired or ventured somewhere else? Join me in exploring an LSU world where press conferences are not as entertaining.

Cam Cameron

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    Les Miles is 60 years old, so if he were to ever abruptly retire, why not leave the program in the hands of his dear friend?

    Oh Florida, LSU fans can share your pain, or at least they used to be able to.

    Gone are the days of vanilla play-calling, and the Tigers can thank Cam Cameron for that. The plays were called in accordance with the rhythm of the game, which made Cameron supreme in the eyes of LSU fans.

    Cameron not only elevated the play of Zach Mettenberger, but he increased the offense's production. The unit scored seven more points per game, produced nearly 100 more yards per game and had a 19 percent increase on third down conversions and 14 percent increase on red-zone touchdowns.

    After watching him teach and mentor the offense in the summer, it's easy to see that Cameron has the qualifications to be an excellent head coach one day.

Jimbo Fisher

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    Come back home, Jimbo. 

    Jimbo Fisher served as offensive coordinator at LSU for seven seasons, and since, he's made a name for himself at Florida State. Obviously, he's at the forefront of everyone's mind heading into bowl season, as his FSU squad is No. 1 in the country.

    Would Fisher ever leave Florida State for LSU though?

    Forbes' Chris Smith recently released a list of college football's most valuable programs and LSU listed at No. 4. Florida State was nowhere to be found. In SI.com's latest college football job rankings LSU is listed as the sixth best job in the country and Florida State sat at 14.

    Still not a big enough of a separation to warrant a change though, especially with Fisher recently agreeing to a five-year expansion for $4 million a year.

    However, it has to be tempting to be paid that much money and not have to deal with Florida and Miami in a hotbed for talent like Louisiana.

Art Briles

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    If Art Briles can recruit at Baylor, imagine the wonders he could do at LSU. 

    LSU is obviously a much more envious job than Baylor, but it might be difficult prying Briles' hands away from something he built from scratch.

    That 10-year extension that pays $4 million a year also suggests that Briles is more than content to stay at Baylor.

    Still, this is LSU, where the university sells itself. The legendary stadium, the gathering of die-hard fans and the boosters would change the way he sells his school.

    Imagine Brileswho transformed a 4-8 Baylor team into an 11-1 powerhousewith all of the resources LSU provides.

Jim Mora

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    Let's take a tour out of the south on this one. 

    Thinking outside the box, what would you think about a coach like Jim Mora donning the white cap and purple windbreaker?

    He's worthy of such a calling, as Mora mutated UCLA football. Instead of being the little brother that lived in the shadow of USC, the Bruins became competitive under Mora and improved every season.

    The Bruins won three more games under Mora in 2012 and won nine out of 12 in 2013. Under Mora, his 2013 squad showed a balanced attack, scored 36.5 points per game and held foes to 24.5 points per game.

    He may be NFL-bound sooner rather than later, but if LSU were to ever call, LSU's persuasive prowess could provide a change of scenery for the coach in California.

Kirby Smart

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    Do you know how hard it was to not troll everyone and put Nick Saban? I mean, honestly, the temptation to troll the trolls is real.

    But if you can't have Saban, why not his padawan? "What's a padawan?" If only Will Muschamp could turn back time to 2012, where his candid press conference remarks were adored.

    A year ago, I would have pointed out Saban's previous "padawan's" success with Muschamp leading the Gators to an 11-2 record in his second season. A 4-8 record in 2013 has me backtracking.

    With that being the case, what does Smart have to offer? Well, like Muschamp, he's learned from the best. Smart joined Alabama's staff with Saban in 2006, and since, he and Saban have provided the best defense in college football for multiple seasons. 

    Consider the amusement LSU fans would get in stealing a great Alabama coach away from the Tide.