Tennessee Titans: 6 Players That Shouldn't Be Brought Back Next Season

Chad Minton@@chad_mintonCorrespondent IDecember 17, 2013

Tennessee Titans: 6 Players That Shouldn't Be Brought Back Next Season

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    It's now officially time for the Tennessee Titans to start looking towards next season after an all too familiar overtime loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

    The comeback was impressive coming against a formidable Cardinals defense, but the end result left the Titans with their eighth loss in 10 games.

    Despite this very disappointing season, the Titans are still so very close to getting over the hump and competing for the playoffs. They just have to make some minor adjustments on the field with a handful of players.

    As for the coaching staff, it's a completely different story. A complete overhaul is needed after seeing how everything has panned out despite all of the promising offseason moves.

    Here are six players that the Titans shouldn't bring back in 2014 to get this ship heading back in the right direction.

Kenny Britt

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    This one is the most obvious for the Titans. It's become more and more clear as the season has progressed that Kenny Britt has no desire to play for this team anymore.

    It would be one thing if Britt was giving maximum effort, but you can tell in his body language that he needs a change of scenery. He had another dropped ball late in the game against the Cardinals, bringing his 2013 drop total to four.

    Another convicting statistic for Britt is his percentage of catches he makes on targeted throws, which is just a shade over 31 percent according to SportingCharts.com. That's sixth-worst in the NFL.

    The Titans did the right thing by giving Britt one more season to make it work in Tennessee. Unfortunately, it didn't seem like Britt had the desire to produce on the field. That choice will make it difficult for him to ever maximize his talent in the NFL.

    It won't be a major challenge to replace Britt as rookie Justin Hunter has played well enough this season to show that he has a bright future.

Chris Johnson

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    Another obvious one here is Chris Johnson. It's safe to say that Johnson hasn't lived up to his big contract, and probably never will.

    Despite some of the rumors that are swirling around about Johnson's future with the Titans, no decision has been made according to Mike Florio of NBC Sports.

    The Titans have to wipe their hands clean of the bad decision that was made in 2011 to pay Johnson so much money. Solid running backs are discovered every season, and there are several examples of that this year.

    There is still a healthy market for Johnson since he's still in his prime, and the Titans need to capitalize on that while they still can. They could address other needs through a trade while moving forward with Shonn Greene, who hasn't touched the ball nearly as much as he should.

    If Johnson returns for another season, then the Titans will basically be saying they're content with continuing to be a mediocre team. It's time to make a big move and ship Johnson off.

Kevin Walter

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    Sometimes you just swing and miss when dealing in free agency. Kevin Walter was an unlucky swing and a miss for the Titans as he never played a single regular season snap after offseason back surgery kept him sidelined.

    The Titans signed him for a one-year contract worth $1 million to add some veteran experience to a pretty inexperienced group. It made sense at the time, but not anymore after this nagging injury.

    Walter would offer some nice depth for 2014, but it wouldn't make sense for the Titans to gamble on another contract for the aging receiver. They should cut their losses on this signing and continue to allow their young receivers develop.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

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    The experiment with Ryan Fitzpatrick has been a total bust. He has proven through his handful of starts that he can't be relied upon to fill in and win some games when needed.

    It was summed up perfectly by the "Wake Up Zone" shortly after Fitzpatrick's overtime interception in the loss to the Cardinals.

    Fitzpatrick giveth. Fitzpatrick taketh away. And Jay Feely knocks home the game winner. 37-34 Arizona wins.

    — Wake Up Zone (@WUZ1045) https://twitter.com/WUZ1045/statuses/412382205466247168">December 16, 2013

    It couldn't have been said any better by the popular morning sports talk show on Nashville's 104.5 The Zone.

    Fitzpatrick has one win as the Titans starter, and that came against a pathetic Raiders team that could've easily gone the other way. You love his toughness, but he just doesn't have the physical tools to be reliable.

    The Titans have a few options to go with that would leave out Fitzpatrick in 2014. They could give Jake Locker one more year to figure it out, try their luck by drafting another quarterback, or see what they can find in free agency. Either way, Fitzpatrick shouldn't be a part of their future plans.

Bernard Pollard

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    Even though there is no shortage of passion from Bernard Pollard, he has cost the Titans way too much yardage in the form of penalties.

    Pollard is due to be a free agent this offseason and isn't going to be worth the money he will most likely feel that he deserves. The Titans have to get better in other places before worrying about having an intimidator in the secondary.

    This would be a tough call because Pollard is such a vocal leader. However, that tends to overshadow his overall ineffectiveness in pass coverage. The Titans need to get younger at this position and target a strong pass coverage safety in the draft.

Kamerion Wimbley

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    After a promising first season in a Titans uniform, Kamerion Wimbley has struggled to even see defensive snaps in 2013.

    Wimbley has managed just two sacks in 2013 as a defensive end who's strength is supposed to be getting to the quarterback. The Titans desperately need a premiere pass rusher on the edge, and Wimbley clearly isn't that player despite how athletically gifted he is.

    It started off with a bang for Wimbley when he sacked Tom Brady in the 2012 season opener, but he's gradually become a non-factor. He'll most likely be cut after this season to free up cap space, according to Josh Alper of NBC Sports.