Daniel Bryan Deserves to Be in the Main Event of WrestleMania 30

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistDecember 20, 2013

Photo courtesy of wwe.com

Daniel Bryan is the one wrestler who won’t go away, and that’s what the WWE desperately needs: a new face for the company.

Bryan came off of a loss at TLC against The Wyatt Family. The following night on Raw featured Bryan watching Randy Orton being anointed the WWE’s face by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. John Cena once again conveyed to these three that Bryan deserves a shot at the title. It wasn’t for the title, but it was a battle to be remembered.

Bryan and Orton’s match at the main event was explosive from bell to bell. The crowd in Dallas witnessed an evenly paced match with near falls and close calls. Fans became excited, and you can imagine their disappointment when Orton gave Bryan a low blow, ending their match in disqualification.

Regardless of the ending, Bryan and Orton told a great story on free television. Which leaves only one conclusion for the WWE: Daniel Bryan deserves to be in WrestleMania 30’s main event.

What other proof do you need? Should we mention his 2013 campaign, which already features some of the best matches in the WWE? Should we note that he was voted the “Superstar of the Year” by the fans at the Slammy Awards? Should we even bother mentioning the reaction he gets every single night, that overwhelming response of “YES” chants?

We know this was the year of Daniel Bryan. However, it’s not enough.

All Bryan has had is title opportunities taken away from him ceremoniously. He was WWE champion twice for a mere combined 21 hours. Also add how he’s floundered between the main event and the dangerous level of mediocrity. After his main event run ended at Hell in a Cell, he flirted with tag teaming with CM Punk and then in the past two months, went back on his own.

After TLC, he returned to the main event. The question is how long can he last. In fact, it’s a matter of will.

Bryan’s ring work and popularity speak for themselves. But let’s dissect these even further. The fact that Bryan is still popular despite being pushed aside speaks volumes.

His matches are what fans want to see. They want Daniel Bryan in the squared circle wrestling against the very best. He fought CM Punk in 2012; this year saw Bryan take on Cena and Orton throughout the summer.

Bryan added new layers to both men, who have been the two constant headliners for eight years. That’s tough to do, but Bryan fulfilled that task.

We’ve seen what he can do with top-tier talent. However, he hasn’t arrived at the grandest stage yet.

The past two WrestleManias saw Bryan lose to Sheamus in 18 seconds and a decent tag team victory over Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston with Kane. That’s not really an impressive resume for the WWE’s Super Bowl.

Now is the time to start giving Bryan his due. The man deserves to be in that spot because of what he’s done in it. Maybe he wins the Royal Rumble to face Cena or Orton again, or maybe both. In fact, maybe Daniel Bryan duels with CM Punk again. Maybe he could even challenge the Undertaker for the streak.

No matter whom he faces, Daniel Bryan deserves to be in the main event at WrestleMania 30. He’s earned that spot by helping to shoulder the load in the main event. Now is Daniel Bryan’s time to be immortalized on the grandest stage of them all.