This Jeremy Mayfield Case Makes My Head Hurt!

Rob RhodesContributor IJune 1, 2009

DARLINGTON, SC - MAY 08: Jeremy Mayfield, driver of the #41 Toyota, stands in the garage during practice for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Southern 500 on May 8, 2009 at Darlington Raceway in Darlington, South Carolina.  (Photo by Jerry Markland/Getty Images for NASCAR)

I have been putting off writing an article about Jeremy Mayfield's failed drug test and sequential suspension for two reasons: For one, the details seem to change on a daily basis. Second, I just don't know who to believe. I am so confused.

The one thing I know for sure is that this whole ordeal is hurting both NASCAR and Jeremy Mayfield.

One thing I would like to know is when was Mayfield diagnosed with ADHD. From what I understand of the NASCAR Drug Policy, which I have read, drivers must pass a drug test prior to receiving their license to drive in NASCAR. If he had been diagnosed and prescribed Adderall before then, it would have shown in that test.

If he wad diagnosed after the season started, why didn't he inform NASCAR if this information? The policy clearly states that some prescription and over the counter drugs can cause a driver to fail a test.

I have read nowhere that Mayfield informed NASCAR of this health issue until after he was suspended.

Of course, if what NASCAR now says is true, all of that information is of no importance anyway. They state that Mayfield did test positive for Claritin-D and Adderall, and that there was a third drug that led to his suspension.

Another thing that totally confuses me is that if Mayfield wants his name cleared, why would his lawyer ask for a gag order preventing any of the parties to state exactly what he tested positive for?

If this article confuses you, or it seems like I'm just rambling, I'm sorry. I am kind of just rambling.

Maybe you can clear all this up for me. Please comment and maybe your comments will make more sense to me that all the articles and blog posts I've read over the last few weeks.