The 13 Best WWE Superstars of 2013

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistDecember 29, 2013

The 13 Best WWE Superstars of 2013

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    The year is coming to a close, and some WWE Superstars stood above the rest in 2013.

    The overall quality of WWE is always in question, but there are always Superstars who are known for their great performances in the ring and on the microphone.

    Some Superstars have been on top for years and just continued to gain more accolades, while others used 2013 as their chance to break out and become big stars.

    The WWE roster is loaded with incredible talent right now. The Divas and Tag divisions saw a drastic increase in quality in 2013, and some of the WWE Superstars who are now main event players got to that point in the past 12 months.

    This slideshow will rank the top 13 Superstars of 2013 based both on their level of success and quality of their performances.

13. Bray Wyatt

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    Bray Wyatt only has a few big feuds to his name, but in a short time he has managed to cement his legacy as one of the creepiest Superstars in WWE history.

    The gimmick is what makes Wyatt stand out. His ring work is good for the kind of style he wrestles, but it's his promos that really make him fun to watch.

    Luke Harper and Erick Rowan do most of the heavy lifting in the ring, but Wyatt is the one who gives the standout performances every week.

    2013 was a good year for Wyatt, but 2014 is when we will really see if he has longevity and the ability to evolve his character or if he will fizzle out.


12. Big E Langston

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    Big E Langston went from being AJ Lee's bodyguard to being the Intercontinental champion and involved in matches with the top Superstars in WWE. 2013 has been very good for the champion powerlifter.

    Big E Langston's power is ridiculous, but it's his in-ring ability that has been a pleasant surprise. Not many guys with his kind of power can also wrestle.

    The crowd loves him, he has gotten better with each passing week and he won his first singles title within a few months of branching out on his own.

    Langston has unlimited potential, and so far he has been exceeding expectations. 2014 will be a year that sees Langston go from a mid-card star to a main event player if he stays on his current path.



11. Damien Sandow

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    2013 is not exactly ending the way Damien Sandow probably hoped it would. But the year as a whole saw him produce some really great matches, and he continued to improve his already entertaining act on the mic.

    The year started with Sandow in a very entertaining tag team with Cody Rhodes, and it continued to get better when he won the Money in the Bank match for a World title shot.

    He was unsuccessful in his attempt to cash in on John Cena, but he still showed that he is just as good as any top WWE Superstar.

    Sandow's in a bit of a slump right now, but he will find his way back in 2014. He's too talented not to.


10. John Cena

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    John Cena missed a few months, but he still had one of the best years of his career in 2013.

    He won both the WWE and World title during the year, and he headlined WrestleMania against The Rock. You can't do much better than that.

    Cena gets mixed reactions almost everywhere he goes, but he has shown that he has nerves of steel and the ability to produce really good matches with anyone.

    Cena will never be credited as one of the best technicians, but he almost never makes mistakes and he knows how to work a crowd. In most situations, that is more important than the number of submission holds you can apply in a single match.

8. and 9. Cody Rhodes and Goldust

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    Both Cody Rhodes and Goldust have found new life as a tag team, and few people had a better year than they did in 2013.

    They defeated The Shield (and by association The Authority), they regained their jobs and they became a full-fledged tag team.

    Their title win has allowed them to bring a lot of attention to the tag team division. Every match they are in is highly entertaining, and the support they have from the crowd is as big as any top Superstar in WWE.

    Cody Rhodes is the best he has ever been, and Goldust has proven that there is always a chance at redemption. The guy looks and wrestles like a man half his age, and if that is not a testament to hard work paying off, then I don't know what is.

    It is pretty obvious that they will eventually break up and have a feud that culminates in one or more PPV matches. But for now, we can enjoy the great tag team wrestling we all knew WWE was capable of when the division was a joke.


7. Dolph Ziggler

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    2013 might not have been the year Dolph Ziggler wanted it to be, but that never stopped him from stealing the show and putting on the best match on a regular basis.

    He held the World title for a short time, but an unfortunate concussion kept him out of action for the majority of his reign, and he hasn't gotten back to the main event scene since.

    Ziggler is the guy who WWE can always rely on to produce a great match. Give this guy a good opponent and enough time, and he will steal any show he is on.

    2014 will be an important year for Ziggler. He will either get back in the title hunt or he will sink further into the mid-card scene. But 2013 was a good year for Ziggler in regards to his match quality and the popularity he gained as a babyface.


6. Randy Orton

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    Randy Orton may not have started 2013 at the top of the mountain, but his heel turn and becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion have allowed Orton to end the year in a big way.

    Orton is always a consistently good performer in the ring and on the mic, but the moment he turned heel it seemed like he became revitalized.

    His promos are sharper, his ring work is more varied and he seems truly happy to be back playing the bad guy. And it doesn't hurt that he almost never had a bad match.

    Throughout 2013 we saw Orton feud with John Cena, Daniel Bryan, The Shield and Big Show, win Money in the Bank, win the WWE Championship and then unify that title with the World Championship.

    His rise back to the top of WWE has been a long time coming, and he is finally back where he deserves to be as WWE Heavyweight Champion.


5, 4. and 3. The Shield

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    Finding anyone in WWE history who has made as big an impact in their first full year on the roster as The Shield would be really difficult.

    Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose have been in the ring with the best WWE has to offer, and they have been matching up with them since day one.

    Each member brings something different to the table, and together they have become a well-oiled sports entertainment machine.

    They may not be in the main event of every PPV like they were early on, but there is no denying that The Shield were among the best of 2013.

    Their inevitable breakup will allow all of them to explore their potential as singles stars. But until that happens, we can enjoy seeing them perform at the top of their game night after night.

    Picking which Superstar falls in the rankings is impossible as each one of them is unique, and all three are equally responsible for their success this past year.

2. CM Punk

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    CM Punk was one of the best heels and the best babyfaces in WWE during 2013, and that is not easy to do.

    Punk's work as a heel alongside Paul Heyman was some of the best television WWE produced, but his feud with Paul Heyman turned him back into a fan favorite.

    He wrestled The Rock and Brock Lesnar in the same year, and he continues to outshine his competition with his raw ability. His mic work is second to none, and finding someone who can produce the quality of matches Punk has produced would be difficult.

    He can have a good match with just about anyone, but when he is in the ring with someone who is almost as good as he is, we tend to see something special.

    CM Punk clawed his way to the top of WWE, and nobody is going to take his spot from him unless he decides it's time to hang up his boots.

1. Daniel Bryan

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    Daniel Bryan became a true top Superstar in WWE during 2013, and in the process he became one of the most over Superstars in WWE history.

    The "Yes!" chants are synonymous with Bryan the way "What?!" was synonymous with Steve Austin. Fans love Bryan, and he is one of the few Superstars who is popular with every kind of fan.

    Kids like him, guys like him, women like him, casual fans like him and the smarks like him. But his popularity is not what makes Daniel Bryan 2013's top Superstar.

    His ability to go out every single night and perform on a level so much higher than the majority of the roster is what makes Bryan the best of the year.

    His mic work is not the best in WWE, but his in-ring work is head and shoulders above 99 percent of the company. Bryan may not have had the title reigns he would have liked, but success is not measured in days as champion.

    Daniel Bryan was the man in 2013, and the possibilities for 2014 are endless.

    Keep in mind, these ranking are based on my opinion, and I fully expect people to disagree with some of the choices. Share your thoughts below on who you feel the top 13 Superstars of 2013 were.


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