The Most Awesome and Ridiculous Sports Stuff on Craigslist

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistDecember 28, 2013

The Most Awesome and Ridiculous Sports Stuff on Craigslist

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    Sports fans really are a little bizarre, aren't they?

    While we have proven to be the most insane, intense and passionate of all supporters out there, we've also shown a weird habit of purchasing some things that absolutely should never be bought.

    Don't believe me?

    Just take a look at some of these awesome—yet ridiculous—items that a few fans have posted on Craigslist because deep down, they know someone out there might find it to be an absolute gem.

A Fake Tom Brady Jersey

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    When a feud over a Tom Brady jersey actually ends up on the cheesy TV show The People's Court, I tend to think it warrants some mention here.

    With seller Steve Misturini offing the No. 12 jersey for $3,500 to buyer Steve Ciffolillo—claiming it to be game-worn and authentic—the judge found that the item was nothing more than a phony piece of threads.

    It gets better though, as Misturini actually attempted to sell the jersey again, even after getting nailed by the judge on TV.

    Some people just don't learn.

Wisconsin Badgers Kicker

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    After being in a position to kick a game-winning field goal against Arizona State earlier this season, the Wisconsin Badgers somehow blew a simple kneel-down to center the ball, winding up on the losing end of the game.

    That didn't seem to sit too well with fans, as one Craigslist posting showed.

    Hoping to find a legit kicker who wasn't a linebacker for the team, fans weren't asking for a future Hall of Famer or anything, just someone who could hit at least 50 percent of their tries.

    I'd say that's pretty fair, yes?

Fake Super Bowl Tickets

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    As the saying goes, "Buyer Beware."

    Whether it's looking for a new car, a new apartment or some in-demand sporting tickets, everyone should do as much homework as possible to make sure they don't end up getting scammed on what they think they're actually purchasing on Craigslist.

    Still, it happens—often.

    So when one couple thought they were getting Super Bowl tickets last season—but instead received a nasty note after forking over $5,900—other people probably dogged them for buying into the ad.

    The good news is that the family did end up getting hooked up—but I just hope they learned their lesson.

Nebraska Cornhuskers Football Staff

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    If the video here isn't enough proof as to why Nebraska Cornhusker fans want a new coach, then maybe the team's failure to play in a BCS game since 2002's national title defeat is.

    Current head coach Bo Pelini may have had some good moments in Lincoln since taking over in 2003, but the majority of his time has been spent bashing the fanbase and tuning out legends like Tom Osbourne.

    That's a no-no in Huskers country—which is why one fan shopped for a new coaching staff via Craigslist earlier this year.

Hot Wife for Boston Celtics Tickets

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    As most sports fans know, the Boston Celtics are one of the finest organizations in sports.

    With 17 NBA titles—the most in league history—they have proven to be a team that every fan should see at least once in their lifetime.

    But this might be taking it a bit too far. One local guy in Boston offered his hot wife for Celts tickets back in 2008—and she was totally OK with it.

    Sure, that was the first season with the former "Big 3" of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen together, and they did win the NBA title that season. But is it worth letting some stranger squire your wife around town?

    To some, it obviously is.

Philadelphia Eagles New Head Coach

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    Seeing how former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid is now standing on the sidelines of the Kansas City Chiefs, it appears that one fan's wish was granted.

    But was it really necessary to go onto Craigslist to post the position last year before Reid was actually canned?

    Apparently, yes, because that's what was done to show just how frustrated the fan really was with Reid in Philly last season.

A Wedding Ring for Football Tickets

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    A wedding is supposed to be one of the most important days of a person's life, a celebration of what hopes to be a lifetime of memories with one's mate.

    And while the memories last, a wedding ring is what every woman is supposed to cherish from taking that walk down the aisle.

    Key word in both of those sentences—supposed.

    As one woman showed before the Dec. 1 Denver Broncos-Kansas City Chiefs game this season though, not every lady cares much about having that diamond on her finger, as she was willing to part with her $3,100 wedding band for some tickets.

SEC Championship Game Tickets

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    Everyone knows that the SEC is the premier conference when it comes to college football, so what better way than to enjoy the title game of the SEC than with three esteemed gentleman?

    That was the opportunity a few Missouri Tigers fans were handing out before their team's game against the Auburn Tigers earlier this month in Atlanta.

    Seeing how the bros were fully prepared to engage in a phone interview, they were pretty damn serious about finding the right compadre.

Free Stanley Cup Finals Tickets

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    I think this is just brilliant.

    Don't let the word "free" confuse you, because while one Chicago Blackhawks fan was willing to part with very good seats at this past year's Stanley Cup Finals game, fans had to earn them.

    Not by tossing the most money his way, but by entertaining him the best.

    Yep, that's right, other people had to submit videos to convince this guy that they were worthy of his fourth row tickets.

    Admitting that he "cage dives with sharks" may have been an odd move, but seeing how he actually got people to send him stuff, it looks like he got the last laugh.

Testicle for Super Bowl Ticket

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    I'm not sure about other people, but personally speaking, I really like having both of my testicles.

    And while there are some crazy dudes out there who don't mind taking a nut shot from time to time, don't ask me to ever participate.

    One dude though took things to a completely different level a few years ago though, actually offering one of his testicles for Super Bowl tickets.

    It might be known as the "Big Game," but is it really that important?

Cleveland Browns Quarterback Wanted

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    As a Cleveland sports fan, I can tell you firsthand how difficult it is to watch the orange helmets stroll out onto the field every single season with a new quarterback under center.

    If you need to know just how pathetic it is, look no further than one fan's jersey, continually showing the carousel that has been the Browns starters since 1999.

    While it's tough to watch, one fan took it to the next level by posting an add on Craigslist pleading with anyone who might want to take the job—even going as far as to say that someone with Madden experience would be considered.