Impatiently Waiting For The 2009-2010 NHL Season

Allison SenecalCorrespondent IJune 1, 2009

DALLAS - NOVEMBER 20:  Left wing Brenden Morrow #10 of the Dallas Stars during play against the Chicago Blackhawks at the American Airlines Center on November 20, 2008 in Dallas, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

I'm already over-the-top excited about the 2009-2010 NHL season.  Sure, the Finals aren't over, the draft hasn't happened, and free agency isn't around to give me hives yet, but there are only four months until October, folks.

Here are three things that I'm impatiently waiting for:

I love the Dallas Stars, but they're not quite the same without their captain, Brenden Morrow.  Guess what?  He's coming back from his almost season-long injury. 

Combine his return with a surprising Loui Eriksson and a hopefully healthy Sergei Zubov...and I'll probably be watching the Stars well into next May, along with Morrow's postseason heroics.  The really amazing thing is that I still like the guy even after he's scored so many fantastic goals against the Rangers.

Why isn't Zach Parise the face of the NHL?  I'd like to see him get more television time, even if it means New Jersey getting more television time along with him. 

I complain about Crosby's lack of personality and I complain about Ovechkin's lack of sportsmanship.  Answer: Zach Parise, the perfect blend of personality and sportsmanship. 

Maybe Gary Bettman will realize that Parise had 94 points this season and plays on the same team as the best goaltender in the league and decide to put them on NBC more.  I think I do feel some Zach Parise commercials in the works.

Give me more of the Blues!  St. Louis had the horrible lot of playing a hot Vancouver team in the first round of playoffs this season.  And let's not forget that defenseman Erik Johnson was injured for the whole season. 

The Blues are stacked with young, talented players.  Brad Boyes and David Backes each had 30-plus goals this season and Patrik Berglund shows the potential to do the same.  No doubt about it, we'll be seeing the Blues deep into the 2009-2010 postseason.  

What are you looking forward to next season?