WWE's Top Tweets, Instagram Photos and Viral Videos for Week of Dec. 23

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterDecember 27, 2013


For WWE fans, there was no bigger Christmas present than the official announcement that Batista is returning to the ring.

Images of Divas in Christmas-themed costumes, a fabulous moonsault and Tensai poking fun at himself were all highlights of WWE's social media this week. The most watched and shared viral video of the holiday week was even more enticing than all of those items.

On Monday's Raw, WWE made the rumors reality when it announced that Batista was coming back on Jan. 20. The view count and number of likes speak to how excited the video hyping his return made fans.

That surprise was one of Raw Christmas' few highlights. A pair of Santas battled, Santino Marella caroled and Divas dressed in skimpy Santa Claus-inspired outfits put on one of the worst matches of the year.

The positive coming out of that bout was seeing attractive women in their Christmas getups. Brooklyn Brawler shared a shot of them on Twitter.

WWE's Instagram page posted another.

Photo from WWE's Instagram

A more unsightly image also made the rounds on social media. Seth Rollins suffered a black eye during in-ring action last week. It was hard to get a good look at it on Monday's Raw.

Rollins was either flying around the ring or else his long hair covered up the bruise. Instagram solved that for the curious among us.

Photo from WWE's Instagram

The section of fans who find him dreamy likely had fantasies of being his private nurse after seeing that image. One has to wonder how many teenage girls received Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns action figures. The Shield spent 2013 becoming one of the most entertaining and popular groups in WWE.

Tensai, on the other hand, went from being a Japanese-inspired monster to a funky-dancing comedy character. His popularity didn't exactly shoot skyward during the year.

That's what makes his recent tweet so funny.

Apparently when all the John Cena, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk action figures were taken, the store was left with just a Tensai toy. As ridiculous as his character has gotten, Tensai has seemingly had fun during his latest WWE run. 

Goofy gimmick or not, he still gets to entertain crowds for a living.

The place for his and his peers' artistry was on display in a hypnotizing video shared by WWE. The time-lapse clip shows how a wrestling ring is constructed and then deconstructed each night the sports entertainment giant puts on a show.

The next video should show how WWE builds its steel cages. The cage has been the home of some of the most intense bouts in company history as well as unforgettable moments of fearlessness.

Add Cody Rhodes' name to the list of men who have used the steel cage as a launch pad.

His moonsault at a show at Madison Square Garden was the talk of the Internet after he pulled off the stunning move. You can almost hear John "Bradshaw" Layfield say, "Daddy didn't teach him that" in your head as you watch it.

The buzz from Rhodes' MSG moment will be just another component in what has been a run of momentum for him. He heads into 2014 looking to build on a memorable 2013.

Batista will be there to join him and perhaps powerbomb him onto a wrestling ring or two.