Grading the 2014 Army All-American Bowl Uniforms

Sebastian Lena@SP7988Analyst IJanuary 1, 2014

Grading the 2014 Army All-American Bowl Uniforms

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    Thanks to Adidas, both the East and West squads will come out with some fresh new uniforms for the 2014 U.S. Army All-American Bowl on Saturday (1 p.m. ET on NBC).

    The uniforms unveiled are Adidas’ new TECHFIT football uniforms. It’s only fitting that the nation’s premier high school football all-star game is paired with one of the game’s premier jersey manufacturers. 

    But did Adidas deliver this time around?

    Join B/R as we take a closer look at each uniform and grade each feature.

    Author's Note: For more pictures of the uniforms, check Adidas' Facebook page


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    These helmets are pretty slick
    These helmets are pretty slickAdidas

    Sometimes simple can be better.

    That’s the route Adidas went here with these helmets. The East will wear black helmets as pictured above and the West will rock vivid yellow helmets

    The U.S. Army logo on the sides is definitely a nice touch while the East gets the benefit of having a two-toned helmet—the facemask being yellow.

    On the back, each helmet comes with a metallic-silver shockwave that adds safety and gives these uniforms an overall mean look.

    They might not pop out like some other flashy helmets do, but they’re certainly pretty sweet.

    Grade: B


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    For the jerseys, the East will stick with black while the West stays with vivid yellow. As with the helmets, Adidas didn't try to go too flashy, but still put out a pretty nice product.

    Both uniforms feature slick metallic-silver numbers highlighted by some pretty cool shockwave graphics. Those graphics also appear on both shoulders as well.

    Moving down the jersey, both teams will be wearing black pants. Each pant leg features a vertical metallic-silver shockwave graphic going along the sides with U.S. Army All-American printed in the middle.

    Overall, these are Adidas’ new TECHFIT football uniforms that are thirty percent lighter than traditional jerseys. It is supposed to help make players move faster on the field.

    The addition of integrated CLIMACOOL mesh zones help create airflow to keep players cool at all times.

    These jerseys will help the players look good while the latest technology should eliminate all other distractions and allow them to focus on what really mattersthe football being played on the field.

    Grade: A-

Wow Factor

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    There's no doubt the technology Adidas provided on these jerseys is top notch, but what about the overall “wow” factor of these uniforms?

    While other uniform designers might opt for a more wild or flashy design, Adidas delivers with a look that is both sleek and traditional, in a sense.

    Each uniform completes its look with three colors: yellow, black and metallic-silver. It’s a very nice combination that goes well on the eyes and gives off a nice intimidating look for the players.

    But where Adidas really capitalizes is with the shockwave graphic along the sides and inside the numbers. It gives the uniforms some flair.

    Grade: B+

Overall Grade

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    These jerseys hit on both foundations. They give players the best technology in jerseys out there while also providing a clean overall look.

    Both squads will come out feeling comfortable, looking good and ready to play a high level of football.

    It’s always good when the jerseys are the least of the distractions.

    Grade: B+